Sunday, December 8, 2013

contemplating life

The thoughts seems to be knocks the door every now & then.

experience & accomplishment
It's kinda sad that life experiences & life accomplishment cannot exist in seamless harmony. These two sides of life of life can be balanced, but as things unfold and events progress to the next level, experience and accomplishment will eventually collide.
and u have to choose only one.

How I see life experience & accomplishment.
Experience is to be one with the amazing things of the world. To feel the wonders and challenges of mother nature. To travel places and have a taste of different cultures. To embrace the great things that were already out there...

Accomplishment is what we have been taught to achieve since we are in preschool. It's a set of standards and milestone in life. The checkpoints that have no definite order. To pass that tests. To get hired a stable job. To own capitalist-defined assets. To lead the finest lifestyle as what the media had suggest. To climb the ladder of hierarchy of job promotion. To earn big. To marry and live a written script.

There's a saying from anonymous: To do what you love is freedom, to love what you do is happiness.

experience: to be one with the amazing things of the world.
accomplisment: to create/achieve our own amazing things as the society understood and recognize. To leave a mark in this world..pretty much by being on top of others.

To be one with the great things around us..or..strive to create one of our own?

i want to enjoy life. i want to embrace the challenge that mother nature. i want to see the world with it's colours and my far relatives of different cultures languages and religions.

But those ambitions can be destructive as well. When u taste the fun experience can give once, u'll be waiting for the next experience. And if u got carried away, u'll abandon all your current responsibilities and only looking forward for the next adventure.

On the other hand, if u exhaust all your passion on your work, u will not feel the slightest calling of the world experiences.

Yes..if u really want to be alive, you must realize these relationship between these two aspects..and try your best to play them hand in hand..unless you want to sacrifice any of pursue the other one.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

the beating of my heart is the only sound

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

why always me

tadi aku duduk2 betulkan urat kat ruang legar masjid lepas settle solat maghrib.
aku dengar2 suara kanak-kanak kuat dalam masjid.
aku perasan, ade budak perempuan kecik yang riang ria lari2.

mak dia yang panggil budak tu suruh berenti.
tapi budak tu mane kisah dia tengah seronok tu.

mak dia cuba nak dapatkan budak tu tapi budak tu lari.kali ni ke arah aku.
mak budak tu pun cakap kat aku "dik,tolong pegang budak tu dik"
budak tu lari menuju aku

aku pun nak tolong lah.Baru gerak sikit tangan standby nak pegang,
jauh lagi.budak tu nampak aku & menangis macam takut amat & lari balik ke mak dia.

mak dia kata, "terime kasih ye dik". lalu dukung anak dia yang teresak2 pergi.


A little bit of me died inside

Saturday, September 21, 2013

kehadapan anak-anak semua

anak-anak kebanggaan ibu bapa.
bila anak-anak kecik2,pun ibu bapa bangga.
bila anak-anak dah besar panjang lagilah menjadi kebanggaan ibu bapa.

sepanjang aku duduk di kawasan kejiranan bersuasana desa terpulihara ni,
aku banyak berkomunikasi dengan golongan yang sama level dengan ibu bapa aku.
bila aku layan sembang dengan jiran-jiran yang rata-ratanya pangkat makcik2 & pakcik2 ni,
mesti tak lama mereka akan masuk cerita anak-anak mereka.
kadang2 aku kagum dengan macam mana pun topik asal yang diborakkan, pasti kemudiannya sampai kepada sesuatu yang dikaitkan dengan perihal anak-anak mereka,lalu topik asal tak kedengaran lagi krikk3.

cerita macam mana mereka bangga dengan anak-anak mereka.

bagi orang yang tak biasa layan orang-orang tua, mungkin akan rasa yang ni seolah menunjuk2 dan bermegah2 kepada orang lain tentang pencapaian & perangai terpuji anak2 kepada ibubapa.
tapi biarkanlah mereka, memang boleh diterima perasaan seronok & gembira mereka tu.

walaupun aku struggle nak menyambut & menyambung point2 yang dilontarkan oleh makcik2 pakcik2 ni bila sembang topik kemuliaan anak2 mereka, tapi aku berusaha jelah jugak sedaya upaya untuk layan & menghidupkan perbualan tu..dan membuat mereka berpeluang berasa seronok.

jadilah anak-anak yang bertanggungjawab & membuatkan ibu bapa kita bangga.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Noetic Science

Being in a scientific environment and working in scientific circa really moulds me into something..sci-fi? no that's not the word. Well what i'm trying to say is my appreciation to science increases as i fail (read:learn) more in my attempts to accomplish my job.

Scientific world is a vast field, new branch of studies defined with profound focus and resources exhausted on them.I appreciate them all as long as they are not crappy.

Have you ever heard of Noetic Science? It is definitely not of the conventional kind. Actually there's an institute focused on this branch of study. The institute proposed that noetic sciences is an alternative theory of "how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world". Interesting enough eh? some creepy spooky mysterious feel to it.

I begin to know about this kind of 'science' after finished reading one Dan Brown book; The Lost Symbol. Well I know that Dan Brown's books were quite 'eccentric' but most of the infos and facts are indeed real.
and Noetic Science really exist!

One interesting story progression in the book that I remember is the argument about does human collective thoughts alone have the ability to change something physically.

The moon is practically a big boulder of rock. And every rock, is made up from smaller shares of stones, and eventually everything can be broken down to sands. So it is actually sands piled and clumped together to form a larger bulk of sand-the moon.The moon as a large rocky object has its own gravitational force. And this is undeniably the outcome of it's building blocks,the gravity pull is contributed by each tiny part of it. So each sands, no matter how minute and hardly-measurable, has it's own 'weight' of force/energy.

The theory applies to human thoughts..while a single thought can be negligible and insignificant, a collective thought on a common subject is another thing. Noetic Science believes that when thoughts from many are are collectively  focused and exhausted to one matter in a parallel manner, the individual energy of a thought can aggrevates together into a mightier force, and if strong enough, can alter the course/outcome of the subject physically. Just like the moon, a collective thoughts can have a 'gravity' that can pull things towards its favor.

As sceptical and sci-fi as this may sound, the noetic science practitioners claim they have established academic approach using state-of-the-art tech to substantiate the matter, and can measure all the dynamics that revolve in the experiment. And for sure their labs are not with the same sight that we are familiar with.

The above theory made me think about things we mankind refer as hopes, wishes and prayers..
Alright now it's up to you to have some food for thoughts.
Dont be prejudice to knowledge as they were all fun to know :)


I've been infamously known among close friends as someone who sometimes destructively overthought.

I concede to that and I've learnt my lesson (I still am) to balance and thought healthily.

One new knowledge that i've came upon recently was the Occam's Razor Theory.
This is neither any self-proclaimed theory nor just a mediocre piece of idea, it's accepted world wide and has been adopted/reinvented to suit scientists, mathematicians,physicist,engineers and other pros.

The only group that were to oppose this is most likely the conspiracy theorist.

It  is basically a thought-provoking theory that simplicity (sometimes) is a virtue. The better option.

and it sets as a check and balance for me.

Occam's Razor Theory states
"*If you have two theories that both explain the observed facts, then you should use the simplest until more evidence comes along*"
"*The simplest explanation for some phenomenon is more likely to be accurate than more complicated explanations.*"
"*If you have two equally likely solutions to a problem, choose the simplest.*"
"*The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct.*"
. . .or in the only form that takes its own advice. . .
"*Keep things simple!*"

Saturday, September 14, 2013


One thing that I am increasingly aware of nowadays is about what i eat. It's neither like i am a choosy-fussy in picking up place to eat, nor a nutrition freak, it's just a clear conscience about what actually i am supplying to my body. Never before i  have to contemplate much about getting my tummy filled. It's hard to make sure the food is good in nutrition & prepared according to the compliances. Not just the hygiene, but in Islam to consume anything prepared from the hands of a cook who does not pray can have a profound effect to us. And of course the nutritional value left in the food is a major concern to me. And i started to think that maybe the most feasible way to keep all those in control is to cook by myself, at home. I never cook at home before and the kitchen is as barren as sahara. Maybe in some time soon dapur akan mula berasap..just asap..hopefully nothing catches up on fire.

After some valuable experience in management and research works, now i'm back as a grad student.
I have mixed feelings, but i'll adapt and get used to the environment. Sometimes i was like just woke up from a dream and wonder what i was doing here with all of the stuffs i'm into. Second thoughts are inevitable too. I always think about things that were at stake, and hopes that were put on men. And that makes me motivated to do well.But still i am weighing the options and any free-chasing opportunities.

My liberty as a runner took a significant setback when i picked up an injury in the left knee. It's nothing serious and life-changing, but no hopes for Personal Best (PB) attempts for the rest of the year. To push hard with the problem will just make it worse.A complete layoff is a better option, but i decided to just go on with it and tackle the distances left in a gentler way, holding myself off during the run and not to get carried away with the euphoria that kicked in as the miles adding.That way i  can still finish all the races i've set to run this year, regardless of what my timings are. For now. i can live with that..that's good enough for me. refrain from running,and i'll just walk a lil bit faster.. The root of this injury has been identified, there's an imbalance of strength and flexibility between both of my legs. My right leg seems to be better developed that the other, it is noticable from the muscular tone at first glance. So i will work them out both equally, the quads,calf,hamstrings,achilles,knees,glutes and all! and insyaAllah i'll come back stronger next year :B

The Killers are coming to Malaysia next week 22nd of September. I have some hope to see them live in the Sepang-held concert. I just want to feel the new experience and enjoy the music that i've been clinging onto since i'm 13 years young :P. The Killers really is a special band for me, it's not just their music that rocks lyrically and instrumentally, but they are one of those bands from the few nowadays that remains clean,  healthy and with good image. Anyway i still cant confirm any sign of joining the crowd that day, because i have some other things to take care of.

As indifferent,selectively ignorant,and innocently insensitive as i have always been, i am actually a dramatic and expressive person. just discovered that.

and i am constantly have thought about things that really makes one an adult..i mean the things that really put u up there on the chart as an adult that people looked up onto.


Saturday, August 31, 2013



Baru 2 bulan aku terpakse duduk diam & recover tanpa berlari langsung semenjak cedera..

Perut dah mula kedepannn arghhh.

aku bleh terima kalo gain weight sikit tapi apsal perut je maju wargkhh


Sunday, August 25, 2013

angsa jadian

tempat aku tinggal sekarang masih padu nilai-nilai tenang desa dan ramah jiran tetangganya.

memang layan..jiran2 semua baik,udara nyaman bersih & petang2 motor aiskrim datang pasang lagu matkool on speaker.benggali datang jual perabot dengan motor pun ada lagi.

macam suasana kampung yg stereotype, pagi-pagi sepatutnya akan ada kokokan ayam.
tapi aku perasan pagi-pagi ada bunyi angsa yang bising.
kadang-kadang waktu senja bunyinya.
aku memang kenal bunyi angsa sebab biasa dengar, datuk bela kat kampung.

tapi kat sini aku xpernah pulak nampak angsa.jiran-jiran takde bela..dan aku cuma dengar bunyi aje.masa tu pulak aku memang kat dalam rumah. mungkinkah ade orang guna ringtone bunyi angsa?

petang tadi aku santai-santai depan rumah sapu2 sampah,jiran depan rumah aku baru pulang.
sebelum masuk rumah dia pergi paip tepi rumah dia & kumur2 lalu tarik satu das khoiiikkkkk tuii!!!! jitu masuk kedalam longkang.

"panas betul sekarang ni man,cepat kering tekak" ujar belia kpd aku sambil tersengih lap2 mulut.lalu berlalu masuk ke rumahnya.

aku membalas dengan senyuman pokerface. sumpah bunyi dia buat tadi tu sebijik bunyi angsa menjerit. inilah bunyi angsa yang selama ni aku dengar.

angsa jadian.

nak dengar cerita tak?

baru-baru ni aku perlu ke jabatan kecemasan sebuah hospital.

aku menunggu dalam dekat sejam setengah jugak untuk sampai nombor giliran aku masuk bilik doktor. ramai orang sakit, bagi can lah dekat orang-orang yang sakit lebih seriyes. handphone pulak habis bateri awal-awal lagi.habis segala brochure aku baca.
lepas tu mula lah aku baca keadaan & orang.

masa aku kat hospital, maksud aku kat jabatan kecemasan ni, macam-macam yang menarik perhatian aku.
aku tengok orang yang sakit &doktor punya perwatakan.
dan tak lupa jugak saudara mara & pelawat para pesakit.

ramai juga yang ada di bahagian kerusi menunggu bersama-sama aku.
dan ada ramai budak kecik,anak-anak pengunjung hospital ni.
ada seorang budak perempuan ni aku syak level tadika, tak duduk diam menunggu dengan mak bapaknye.nampak gaya macam maknye yang nak jumpe doktor.

lepas banyak round budak tu jalan ke sana ke sini & tanya macam-macam kat ayah dia,
budak tu pun pergi ke depan dan berdiri meghadap kami semua lalu

"nak dengar cerita tak?"
laung budak tu selamber. "sape nak dengar cerita?" tanya budak tu lagi.
bapak budak tu macam ada kata "haishh" tapi takde lah tarik budak tu duduk diam pun.maybe dia dah sedar kata pepatah lebih senang menjaga sekandang lembu dari jaga anak perempuan kahkah.
dia biarkan je la.

budak tu masih berdiri kat depan sambil mendepa2 tangan meneruskan soalannya.
aku tengok muka ketat para penunggu mula mengendur sikit. ada senyuman kat muka sorang2.
lalu budak tu pun bercerita ladepan kami semua..mungkin dia ni budak story telling tadika ni.
walaupun aku tak berapa tangkap sangat sebab budak tu pelat2 lagi, itu adalah antara cerita paling menarik aku berpeluang dengar c:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


kata adjektif bagi 'tanggungjawab' adalah memikul.
jadi sifat tanggungjawab tu semacam suatu beban, yang berat.
perlu dipikul.tak boleh dijinjing atau dibimbit.

semua orang da tanggungjawab.
kepada diri sendiri, kepada orang sekeliling. dan tingkat tanggungjawab ni berterusan hinggalah kepada yang tersangat besar. hanya orang tertentu yang sanggup memikul nya. sebab bukan semua sanggup berkorban sepertinya,

pengorbanan ni tetap dituntut tak kiralah tanggungjawab sekecil macam mana pun.ada harganya.

bila aku naik gunung, pikul haversack yang selalunya berat2..
time trekking aku selalu bayangkan yang barangkali ni lah analogi tanggungjawab.
dari kaki gunung pikul beg tu, merentis laluan yang memang tak mudah.
tapi pikul tetap pikul, itulah yang kita kena bawa sampai puncak..dan bila turun kena la pikul lagi skali, bawak sampah2 pulak.
yang tu memang literal la analoginya.memang bahu & belakang ni yang jadi sandaran.

tapi kalau kita penat time trekking, kita boleh berenti jalan bila kita nak & rehat kejap,turunkan beg. bila nak sambung, pikul balik. 'angkat sauh' bak kata orang.

jadi mungkin analogi ni ada kelonggaran sikit kat situ. sebab kita ni tak boleh berlepas tangan dari tanggungjawab.

tanggungjawab ni boleh menjadi manifestasi dalam macam2 bentuk.
contohnya seperti simen dikaki.
ia berat, dan menyatu dengan kita. tak boleh berenti bawak simen tu bila penat atau gatal atau rimas atau panas.
bawalah sampai tamat tempoh kaki itu perlu bersimen.
biasakanlah pancaindera lain untuk membawa simen itu bersama kemana2.
lelah & penat & susah tu memang kena dengan sifat..tanggungjawab.
dan berkorbanlah perkara2 yang tak mampu dilakukan bila bersama simen tu.

kita akan diingatkan tentang tanggungjawab dalam cara yang tak kita sangka.
apabila kita mungkin tanpa sedar, mengambil ringan atau
terlupa akannya.

hidup kaki simen! keh3

Monday, August 5, 2013


Islam teaches its followers to always be mindful for oneself own demise.
It makes you smarter & a better person during life.

How to be reminded of death, in the correct sense?

Apart of listening to the advices and reminders from religious scholars, there's many other way to make you humbled by realizing the fact that you are mere mortal that could die anytime. thus encouraging you to do good, appreciate people and life, and makes the best of the time and things you have been granted with.

we can die anytime and anywhere..and also, any way.
there's a whole lot of ways  for a deadly incident, both common or beyond your wildest imagination. make it soft and silent or chaotic and terror.
 practically anything could lead to the end of our brief life.

anything around you could go wrong. and as it does their occurence could intercept into your life path and given the precisely right timing and placing, it could be the cause of an incident that ends your life.

while cruising on the highway in your car, the air pressure in your tyre could somehow flunctuates for your tyre to burst, and you could be sent into a surprise car could die.

while you were walking on a corridor or balcony of a 3 storey building, the hand railings that you happen to hold could unfortunately a loose one..and as you unknowingly lie a bit of your body weight there it might fall off, bringing you to a 50feet fall..that might also kill you.

while you are innocently riding your bike in the bikers lane in some highway, a careless driver or a drunk trucker could share the same highway with you and as he makes his mistake to die you might be in the near didnt see that coming and you get involved in the road accident..and you are dragged to lose your life as well.

as your a lavishly enjoy your day with good things you have..somehow the flow of blood in one of your coronary artery gone awry as there's an internal factor imbalance happening for fractions of seconds. thought its very brief, the latter leads to another mishap, and apparently your heart muscle fails to get oxygen, you get your first heart attack, and as you are not in the right situation to have one (maybe you are alone,driving)---you eventually left to die.

or you might be walking relaxed down a trail path, and suddenly a  tree fell down right towards you without any signal and hit you..u couldnt see it coming..but you can die nevertheless.

 because it's 'kun fayakun~'

 there's a whole lot of ways that could suddenly cought you tangled with it.
may we all granted with a good ending.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


 wapol is one of  the bad guys from the One Piece premise..
I'm wapol

It's neither the kind of characters from recent episodes, nor one of the popular villain bosses in the fact i think i saw him in 2008 comic my lil' bro bought.

Just like luffy & chopper, wapol got some bizzare ability after he ate this one particular type of power fruit. His special power is he can be anything that he eat..literally speaking.

Wapol can eat literally anything..thus becoming anything afterwards. He can eat an arsenal of weaponries, and then parts of his body become that weapons. He can eat a house, and then his body got door and windows..and he can eat himself, and become downsized to a slim wapol. #mindfucked. i'm not going to belabor much about wapol, if u still didnt get the idea about wapol's ability then u can read the manga.

Well what wapol did was not totally absurd, at least by the principal.
We do become what we ate. In nutritions we know some food categories such as proteins and carbs and minerals and what not.
The proteins we consume ( be it in the form of meats or shakes) will translates to the protein in our mass. That chicken thigh with tender meat fibers u just choked, has now become the muscle bundle of your biceps.
things are pretty much that straightforward.
Except for cellulosic things,which will be  excreted of course.

And remember how energy flow in the food chain? the energy comes from the sun, n then carried by the vegetations, which later transfer into animals when animals ate them, and then into us after we ate these animal meats..that's more or less how we got those energy from food. the energy is packed into all those chemical bonds in the very molecules that make animals and plants.

We are indeed what we eat, we are not very much different than wapol afterall.

That's why we must have a conscience regarding what we stuff into ourselves.
High quality food carries better nutritional values than its counterparts, the less quality one. Providing the best source of building blocks for our body to develop, repair and maintain itself means a lot, and in the long run it is really a determinant for our survival and health.

Eat well and live well.
this conscience kicked into me after i am so much into these running ordeals..running means a lot more that just a hobby now. running keeps me sane..and nutritions is one of the important aspects in running wisely.

Eversince i'm committed to running,
I check the nutritional infos in the food packaging first everytime  i am buying anything.
I refrain from taking iced and canned drinks..and beverages from vending machine is a big no no now..i couldnt even remember the last time i took any sip of soft drinks either. I bring my own bottle of plain/mineral water all the time.
I avoid processed food, ecspecially meaty products..and that means no fast food to me. i rather take the fresh thing and do the processing myself, without all the preservatives and seasoning and coloring.
I start to practice healthy diet, which by my definition is: eat everything you want but in small portion, and dont skip your run :)
I started to drink milk daily and take multivitamins..there's no point of starting these only when you are 50s and beginning to feel the joint pains and what not. "rome wasnt built in a day" so does this vessel of ours.

And now i think i am healthier than before..and that affect all other aspects in my life. When you feel great, u can do great things :)

There's a more in depth understanding about these principal.
Food choice is not just barely taken by its nutritional value..
Islam teaches its people to take halal food, and avoid from the haraam things..
and in Islam, these halaal & haraam concept have a very concise guideline.

Apart from the nutritional aspects of things we eat, be wary of the halal & haraam too..because loving ourselves is the first thing to do, before we can love anything else. And taking good care of your body is really a way of loving this body,which is lend to us, only for a brief moment of time, by our Creator.

thanks for stopping by! you are alright

Saturday, June 29, 2013

of architechture, and hispterism

salam & good day readers,
I've missed the ticket for trw-jdt final FA cup match, and SCKLM2013 has been postponed to September due to the i am left free for the weekend, now  i'm writing this random thoughts of mine.

My archie-student roomate once said ; in his field of practice, a design be made with functionality.. For instance a construction project involves a lot of money , and other capital-profit-making stuffs, and there's also criterias for built structures to be fulfilled.. the building must to be safe and 'useful' to say the every crook and nook actually counts in the budget. They arent going to waste the funds for the nonsense extras.
Simply put; first there's a problem statement as the foundation, and the design should deliver the concurrent problem solution. That's the design with a function.

This being said, it is easier now to look around and observe the architecture of buildings and try to relate for its function. And now you can wonder why does that structure is built with round edges.., and for what reason the wall is painted that bright toned colour, and what does the railings are for etc etc..

The word ergonomics may probably pops out in your head, but whilst I think this two things r divided for specific concept, I agree that the understanding in ergonomics would be very helpful to picture the relationship between designs and functionality.

Well for your information, this design-function concept applies to all imaginable things other than just buildings and built structures..Yes everything.toiletries, furnitures , clothing , gadgets, transportations and even web interfaces and sky is the limit. This is so because everything created need to cater a certain purpose to the user, most of the time its us human

And now about hipsterism. For those who may not know what this h word is, here's the general definiton..from google search:


A person who follows the latest trends and fashions
and if things still seems blurry for you, you can google for pictures..

I would like to stress that while i am always being appreciative to all form of arts & its expression- like what fashions also tends to be, the  fashion nowadays has been running low on its artistic appeal..the current and latest fashion trends that the hipsters subculture revolves around is senseless to say the least. it's beyond comprehension.

Clothings & attire were products of enlightment & civilizations..sort of. They gradually developed over time to become better at bringing out its function. Apart certain range of them also bears special meanings religiously and ethnically. Clothes are meant to cover the body, protecting parts of the body from external factors and what not.

A senseless subculture of hipsterism is now on loose in the streets of Malaysia, with victims ranging from ridiculously young kids, spoilt teens and young adults..taking good looking models & celebrities from international magazines for inspirations, they literally try hard to appear the same even to the extent of stroking the summer and winter series collection in Malaysian streets..literally dress to kill (..the eyes of others)..

tight skinny jeans is not a very functional piece of and women's alike..the pair limits flexibility and movement, it's tight and that makes you even hotter inside,i mean the celcius degrees hotter.
seluar pendek yg atas lutut pegi jalan2 town..I wont belabor on aurah etc etc, but if u somehow tripped and fall u would have higher chance to injure your knee/leg..and i think the sun can cause uneven skin tones to your exposed legs.

and not to mention high heels..the painful pleasure for women. footwears were meant to protect your steps and enabling you to move freely, and when somebody came up with a design of stripped footwear with 6inch pointy heels - i dont think thats a very good piece of footwear.

Also I see males wearing those kind of shoes that seems to be just patches of clothes sewn together and thinly wraps around your feet with thin insole, and outsole that is barely there..and dear that pair sure is pricey..i bet that feels cool, but how about safety and in case the floor is slippery? and if you walk quite a distance, would that pair provide the structure to support your motion and make your feet less fatigue?

If you still miss the point
the same goes to superheros..macam superman, batman etc know about their job to protect and yada2, so what do think is wrong with their choice of wardrobe?
superman with his red undies worn outside, that doesnt seem to make things better for him right? unless it's a bulletproof caviar undies, but hey he's man of steel anyway..
and superman dont need the cape behind them..maybe in batman's case he portrays the cape as a high end technology that can hardened upon stimulation to help him fly. but for superman he doesnt need it at all.

Functionality should not be compromised in designs to ensure products are made in their best form.
Aesthetics comes second after functionality..and also there's a lot of other way to tweak and experiment of aesthetics (with colours, prints and motifs) without shaving off/adding in parts in the design just for idontknowwhy sakes.

To make long story short(er), clothings too actually bears the purpose of its existance - its function which is brought upon by the design. Senseless designing that neglect this fact will simply produce an array of collections that actually doesnt cater it's wearer's true need. some of the clothes worn by the models during premier catwalk is not practically wearable at all~! DESIRE is not a functional need..To look good must go hand in hand with to STAY GOOD..

thanks for stopping by! you're alright.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

runners' block

On 9th of June i've participated in the 2013 Mizuno Passion Wave Run.
It was a 16km course of road race in the heart of Putrajaya. I think i've done reasonably well for my level of rookieness, clocking below 1hrs30mins and at the same time still enjoyed the race and took my time for time-outs at every water station provided. air gatorade mehh kena la layan haha.
and of course i didnt win the kenya buat 55min je kot haha..but i made it in around 260s position amongst the >2000 participants in the category.

but the aftermath of the race is beyond my expectation..
immediately after i settled down after finishing the run, i felt a unneglectable discomfort in my left leg..n then it was pain. i've picked up a bad shinsplint in my left leg.

the cause is..i didnt really stretch before the race. I arrived late and it was almost make the condition worse, that was also around the week i started to increase my running mileage to 10km per workout..

and now it has been a week since the race, the pain subsided drastically now, i could barely walk straight a week ago . i can now walk like normal, but still i cant continue running..the pain will emerge when i try to run.

The doctors said it'll take some time to heal, eventough i'm doing all i can to speed up the recovery..wearing leg compression, icing the area of injury frequently, doing light dynamic stretches..

The 1 week period that has gone without running really builds depressions in me..furthermore i have few running events coming this time around..with scklm2013 being one of the highlight in the calendar..

non-runners might have problems understanding the emotional disturbance i am now experiencing, but that's's the same as being held back from doing what u like, one thing that is a part of you...

running has been an integral part of my hectic life,adding balance to it and become my immediate escape everyday after working hours..never before i see parks,tracks and roads so inviting..and running makes me happy.

i bring my running shoe & attire everyday to work, like i always did...
but i dont have the right conditions to run.

i am hopeful to be back on track, injury-free.

and escape forever from this runner's block.

sharing the joy of running with friends..

..before being out of place and somewhat strange like always.cant help it

Thursday, April 18, 2013

of running.

Salam & good day readers.

No this is not about a korean celebrity TV show which I found can be entertaining, but hardly involve any running, or man.keh3

One of my 2013 resolution is to start running truly & consistently. And by 'truly' i mean not to take the whole ordeals of running lightly.

God willing and I managed to kickstart the whole running thing early from the final months of 2012. I even bought a book on running at the Bigbadwolf and that really catapult this whole plan forward.

When i recalled, the first month must be the most challenging part of it..The 1st milestone of the running plan was I need to be able to run non-stop for 30 min.for 30 freaking minutes! Sounds easy but that really pushed me out of my sedentary coccoon. Tried and trained deliberately using the guidance given and within a month managed to run a steady pace alternating with slow jogs for 30mins comfortably. covering only 5k or so ~.~

Now easing into my 6th month in my running life, my love affair with running grew stronger &more passionate :) of course I am still a rookie, but i believe my appreciation and love towards running has gone much much bigger than before. As I ran I met more  amazing runners and make friends with them. We share experiences, exchange tips and always encourage each other to keep the running spirit on. The running community in Malaysia is actually quite big and merry . And there's always running events here an there every month even if it's just for recreational/promotional/charity fun (ranging from 3 to 7km) or competitive (ranging from 10km to full marathon 42km). Running never sleeps here in Malaysia.

I believe people might have this perception that running is just- plain activity. Nothing to it,when you run, yeah YOU RUN and thats all about it. kids do that all the time. I used to be as naive and ignorant. But unknowingly  there's a lot more than meets the eye!

I also believe that running will not reveal it's true rewards to people who took it for granted. To the correct kind of people, the time when you put on those running shoes and hit the road could just be the happiest time of the day. Running is so simple, yet so profoundly sensational. Running sets you free and happy, just like we see how little toddlers love to run tirelessly by the beach, in the backyard, and inside the praying hall on masjids..

To share with you my newfound affection towards running would take a long time. However I would like to highlight some key aspects that I can tell about running.
  • Running Shoe: Yes running is very simple, but choosing the right running shoe for you is one thing you shouldnt take lightly. of course we can put on any shoe (even studded boots) to go & run, but those wont get you far. To run truly+prevent injury+performance-wise, we need a pair of shoes specially made for the purpose. They take care of your feet, and keeps you safe to go farther.  Nowadays sports company have running shoes as part of their products line too, and you can consult their advice on picking the right shoe for you. 
  • Foot Pronation: This is about how your 'ankle & hindfoot' glide and move each time you take a step. This phenomenon can be observed all the time including during walking motions. Running exaggerate your natural pronation as your foot receives more impact from the activity, and this could lead to injuries. there are 3 types of pronation..the Overpronation, Neutral, and Underpronation. Running shoes have been designed to meet all of these 3 pronation types, and  tries to maintain your feet to be as close to neutral pronation.  Other considerations to choose for your ideal running shoe is your weight, your foot arch, and the surface you'll frequently run.
    Left feet under each type of pronation
  •  Stretches & Workouts: It's clear that running mainly involve the lower part of the body, but the execution goes hand in hand with the upper parts of the body. Stretches and workouts are pivotal in strengthening muscles and joints that involved during running. Some of them needs to be stabilized (strength) , and others needs to be mobilized (flexibility). This ensure smooth glide & increased endurance to keep you running farther and faster.

  • Training: Training here simply means, to run - but not just mindless running, but training dictates gradual progression of activity. Training aims to get you used to the demand of running; to build your endurance & speed, as well as the technical & nutritional side of the sport. Training will prepare you better to embrace hills, to run a certain distance that you need to cope, and to finish within a certain timing. The training plan of course took a certain amount of time, like months and even years to develop a really strong runner. This kind of runner is injury-free and can run like forever because the body has adapted well to the demand of running.There's no shortcut to it, added if it lacks consistency and dedication. Even to find the ideal running form, most efficient way to breath, and proper way to stride, NEED training.

  • Nutrition: I won't belabor much on this, because it should be clear that like any other athletic activities and sports, proper nutrition gives the body all the fuel it needs to perform best. Advances in sport sciences is a blessing to sports as a whole and running in particular.
 That is pretty much what I want to share about running. You should run too! And the most important thing is to run with happiness :) So, dont ignore all of these aspects of running because it helps you to prevent the dreaded injuries which often snatch that happiness away from runners. It's preparing for the fun, as i would like to put it.

Malaysia is full with running events. My favourite online source for event updates is

Here is what's upcoming in my running schedule for 2013. *Which I legally register. Ghost runs shouldnt be counted
Come and let's run happy!

2 Feb: Melawati Run 10k
3 Mac: Brooks Half Marathon
31 mac- MAKNA Founders Run 12k (pdg merbok)
14 April- KL Road Race 10k (pdg merbok)

2 Jun- UKM Victory 15k
9 Jun- Mizuno Wave Run 16k (putrajaya)

23 Jun- Perodua Race for A Cause 15k
7 July- NTV7 Feel Good Run 15k (bandar utama)
25 Aug- Men's Health & Shape Night Run.
15 Sept- Great Eastern Run

29 Sept- SCKLM
19 Oct- BSN Putarajaya Night Marathon
20 Oct- Adidas King of the road

3Nov- 2XU Compression Run 
10Nov- Salomon X-Trail
17 Nov- Allianz Penang Bridge Marathon

1 Dec - Terry Fox Run

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"how about- maybe i'm wrong?"

salam n greetings everyone.

if u read the title right,it should be like a monologue.u feel it somewhere inside your chest. i would like to say inside the heart or liver but those 2 organs are just some pump and filter-cum-repository.

the point is it's not supposed to feel up above in your that 'eureka!' moment kind of thing.

nowadays, whenever i thought about something by myself, or when my ideas collide with others; i will always accept that "wait a sec..maybe i was wrong on this?". to put them 'on standby' at first.
the moment i started to be having this realization n spontaneous will to sideline own stands n thoughts immediately must be one of the biggest event in my life.

it all started when i saw mike rowe's video on TED. in fact i wrote an entry in this blog about that.

this opens a whole new perspective for us see things a whole and no thing is definite. it helps me a lot  in works and my research duties and taught me not to hold on and have early contentments with any single idea or primarily happy news. and nurture openness for more thoughts n opinions too. it taught me to wait first,dont get.excited yet by anything..maybe its more than meets the eye,n brain.

it also helps me to learn about human afeelings- which is an area i increasingly came to believe i am lack understanding at. when anything ecspecially bad thing happen, it helps me to realize that anything i felt is most likely not right, and can ruled aside as good as insignificant..thus i should just forget on wanting to feel anything.

IF i am now devastated, depressed.and heartbroken. given the convincing evidences that often i am the one with the wrong emotions and all; so this must just another similar case.

thanks for stopping by!you are alright.


sounds like goblok. ataupun coolblog..actually it's none of the above. moblog is  simply means mobile blog....*cricket sound infinity.

nevertheless,now that i've (finally) installed blogger for android so maybe,just maybe, i'll waste my battery n my time to blog (again).

and last but not least;

Testing3 1 2 3~~


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