Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Noetic Science

Being in a scientific environment and working in scientific circa really moulds me into something..sci-fi? no that's not the word. Well what i'm trying to say is my appreciation to science increases as i fail (read:learn) more in my attempts to accomplish my job.

Scientific world is a vast field, new branch of studies defined with profound focus and resources exhausted on them.I appreciate them all as long as they are not crappy.

Have you ever heard of Noetic Science? It is definitely not of the conventional kind. Actually there's an institute focused on this branch of study. The institute proposed that noetic sciences is an alternative theory of "how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world". Interesting enough eh? some creepy spooky mysterious feel to it.

I begin to know about this kind of 'science' after finished reading one Dan Brown book; The Lost Symbol. Well I know that Dan Brown's books were quite 'eccentric' but most of the infos and facts are indeed real.
and Noetic Science really exist!

One interesting story progression in the book that I remember is the argument about does human collective thoughts alone have the ability to change something physically.

The moon is practically a big boulder of rock. And every rock, is made up from smaller shares of stones, and eventually everything can be broken down to sands. So it is actually sands piled and clumped together to form a larger bulk of sand-the moon.The moon as a large rocky object has its own gravitational force. And this is undeniably the outcome of it's building blocks,the gravity pull is contributed by each tiny part of it. So each sands, no matter how minute and hardly-measurable, has it's own 'weight' of force/energy.

The theory applies to human thoughts..while a single thought can be negligible and insignificant, a collective thought on a common subject is another thing. Noetic Science believes that when thoughts from many are are collectively  focused and exhausted to one matter in a parallel manner, the individual energy of a thought can aggrevates together into a mightier force, and if strong enough, can alter the course/outcome of the subject physically. Just like the moon, a collective thoughts can have a 'gravity' that can pull things towards its favor.

As sceptical and sci-fi as this may sound, the noetic science practitioners claim they have established academic approach using state-of-the-art tech to substantiate the matter, and can measure all the dynamics that revolve in the experiment. And for sure their labs are not with the same sight that we are familiar with.

The above theory made me think about things we mankind refer as hopes, wishes and prayers..
Alright now it's up to you to have some food for thoughts.
Dont be prejudice to knowledge as they were all fun to know :)

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