Saturday, June 29, 2013

of architechture, and hispterism

salam & good day readers,
I've missed the ticket for trw-jdt final FA cup match, and SCKLM2013 has been postponed to September due to the i am left free for the weekend, now  i'm writing this random thoughts of mine.

My archie-student roomate once said ; in his field of practice, a design be made with functionality.. For instance a construction project involves a lot of money , and other capital-profit-making stuffs, and there's also criterias for built structures to be fulfilled.. the building must to be safe and 'useful' to say the every crook and nook actually counts in the budget. They arent going to waste the funds for the nonsense extras.
Simply put; first there's a problem statement as the foundation, and the design should deliver the concurrent problem solution. That's the design with a function.

This being said, it is easier now to look around and observe the architecture of buildings and try to relate for its function. And now you can wonder why does that structure is built with round edges.., and for what reason the wall is painted that bright toned colour, and what does the railings are for etc etc..

The word ergonomics may probably pops out in your head, but whilst I think this two things r divided for specific concept, I agree that the understanding in ergonomics would be very helpful to picture the relationship between designs and functionality.

Well for your information, this design-function concept applies to all imaginable things other than just buildings and built structures..Yes everything.toiletries, furnitures , clothing , gadgets, transportations and even web interfaces and sky is the limit. This is so because everything created need to cater a certain purpose to the user, most of the time its us human

And now about hipsterism. For those who may not know what this h word is, here's the general definiton..from google search:


A person who follows the latest trends and fashions
and if things still seems blurry for you, you can google for pictures..

I would like to stress that while i am always being appreciative to all form of arts & its expression- like what fashions also tends to be, the  fashion nowadays has been running low on its artistic appeal..the current and latest fashion trends that the hipsters subculture revolves around is senseless to say the least. it's beyond comprehension.

Clothings & attire were products of enlightment & civilizations..sort of. They gradually developed over time to become better at bringing out its function. Apart certain range of them also bears special meanings religiously and ethnically. Clothes are meant to cover the body, protecting parts of the body from external factors and what not.

A senseless subculture of hipsterism is now on loose in the streets of Malaysia, with victims ranging from ridiculously young kids, spoilt teens and young adults..taking good looking models & celebrities from international magazines for inspirations, they literally try hard to appear the same even to the extent of stroking the summer and winter series collection in Malaysian streets..literally dress to kill (..the eyes of others)..

tight skinny jeans is not a very functional piece of and women's alike..the pair limits flexibility and movement, it's tight and that makes you even hotter inside,i mean the celcius degrees hotter.
seluar pendek yg atas lutut pegi jalan2 town..I wont belabor on aurah etc etc, but if u somehow tripped and fall u would have higher chance to injure your knee/leg..and i think the sun can cause uneven skin tones to your exposed legs.

and not to mention high heels..the painful pleasure for women. footwears were meant to protect your steps and enabling you to move freely, and when somebody came up with a design of stripped footwear with 6inch pointy heels - i dont think thats a very good piece of footwear.

Also I see males wearing those kind of shoes that seems to be just patches of clothes sewn together and thinly wraps around your feet with thin insole, and outsole that is barely there..and dear that pair sure is pricey..i bet that feels cool, but how about safety and in case the floor is slippery? and if you walk quite a distance, would that pair provide the structure to support your motion and make your feet less fatigue?

If you still miss the point
the same goes to superheros..macam superman, batman etc know about their job to protect and yada2, so what do think is wrong with their choice of wardrobe?
superman with his red undies worn outside, that doesnt seem to make things better for him right? unless it's a bulletproof caviar undies, but hey he's man of steel anyway..
and superman dont need the cape behind them..maybe in batman's case he portrays the cape as a high end technology that can hardened upon stimulation to help him fly. but for superman he doesnt need it at all.

Functionality should not be compromised in designs to ensure products are made in their best form.
Aesthetics comes second after functionality..and also there's a lot of other way to tweak and experiment of aesthetics (with colours, prints and motifs) without shaving off/adding in parts in the design just for idontknowwhy sakes.

To make long story short(er), clothings too actually bears the purpose of its existance - its function which is brought upon by the design. Senseless designing that neglect this fact will simply produce an array of collections that actually doesnt cater it's wearer's true need. some of the clothes worn by the models during premier catwalk is not practically wearable at all~! DESIRE is not a functional need..To look good must go hand in hand with to STAY GOOD..

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

runners' block

On 9th of June i've participated in the 2013 Mizuno Passion Wave Run.
It was a 16km course of road race in the heart of Putrajaya. I think i've done reasonably well for my level of rookieness, clocking below 1hrs30mins and at the same time still enjoyed the race and took my time for time-outs at every water station provided. air gatorade mehh kena la layan haha.
and of course i didnt win the kenya buat 55min je kot haha..but i made it in around 260s position amongst the >2000 participants in the category.

but the aftermath of the race is beyond my expectation..
immediately after i settled down after finishing the run, i felt a unneglectable discomfort in my left leg..n then it was pain. i've picked up a bad shinsplint in my left leg.

the cause is..i didnt really stretch before the race. I arrived late and it was almost make the condition worse, that was also around the week i started to increase my running mileage to 10km per workout..

and now it has been a week since the race, the pain subsided drastically now, i could barely walk straight a week ago . i can now walk like normal, but still i cant continue running..the pain will emerge when i try to run.

The doctors said it'll take some time to heal, eventough i'm doing all i can to speed up the recovery..wearing leg compression, icing the area of injury frequently, doing light dynamic stretches..

The 1 week period that has gone without running really builds depressions in me..furthermore i have few running events coming this time around..with scklm2013 being one of the highlight in the calendar..

non-runners might have problems understanding the emotional disturbance i am now experiencing, but that's's the same as being held back from doing what u like, one thing that is a part of you...

running has been an integral part of my hectic life,adding balance to it and become my immediate escape everyday after working hours..never before i see parks,tracks and roads so inviting..and running makes me happy.

i bring my running shoe & attire everyday to work, like i always did...
but i dont have the right conditions to run.

i am hopeful to be back on track, injury-free.

and escape forever from this runner's block.

sharing the joy of running with friends..

..before being out of place and somewhat strange like always.cant help it


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