Tuesday, October 23, 2012

of right and wrong

"..and I was just so blown away at how completely wrong I was, in that second.
..and I was reminded how utterly wrong I am, so much of the time. the sudden realization come crashing into my head.
..and if I'm wrong about that; if I'm wrong so often in a literal way, what other peripatetic misconception might I be able to comment upon? .."
(Mike Rowe, TED Monterey Cal., Dec2008)

Ever since I watched this very one TED talk back in 2010, the way i see things..change.
this is why one of my philosophy in life is:
Jebakkanlah Dirimu Dalam Macam-Macam
bukan 'terjebak', tapi sengaja jebak..itu bermakna ada kawalan dalam tindakan kita tu. Nak hala kemana.

Because I believe the more u get into things and go for the depth and breadth, the essence from that experience will add dimensions to the way you see things. And you'll have more thoughts on deciding things and making moves.

I've been wrong so many times myself, and back then I was so preoccupied with my thoughts and way of engaging things. of course those mistakes inflicted some damages, but lesson learnt. Never discriminatively, prejudically, and over-confidentally (hambek kau ade ke tige2 ayat camni lantakla) rule out opinions, advices and thoughts.

by the way,
Mike Rowe talked about sheep ranching, about his experience in hosting Dirty Jobs doing castration. But it has been hell of a talk. I never thought scrotum and testicles could be made into such a lifting talk, well that alone, was one of the things i got wrong too!


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