Sunday, December 8, 2013

contemplating life

The thoughts seems to be knocks the door every now & then.

experience & accomplishment
It's kinda sad that life experiences & life accomplishment cannot exist in seamless harmony. These two sides of life of life can be balanced, but as things unfold and events progress to the next level, experience and accomplishment will eventually collide.
and u have to choose only one.

How I see life experience & accomplishment.
Experience is to be one with the amazing things of the world. To feel the wonders and challenges of mother nature. To travel places and have a taste of different cultures. To embrace the great things that were already out there...

Accomplishment is what we have been taught to achieve since we are in preschool. It's a set of standards and milestone in life. The checkpoints that have no definite order. To pass that tests. To get hired a stable job. To own capitalist-defined assets. To lead the finest lifestyle as what the media had suggest. To climb the ladder of hierarchy of job promotion. To earn big. To marry and live a written script.

There's a saying from anonymous: To do what you love is freedom, to love what you do is happiness.

experience: to be one with the amazing things of the world.
accomplisment: to create/achieve our own amazing things as the society understood and recognize. To leave a mark in this world..pretty much by being on top of others.

To be one with the great things around us..or..strive to create one of our own?

i want to enjoy life. i want to embrace the challenge that mother nature. i want to see the world with it's colours and my far relatives of different cultures languages and religions.

But those ambitions can be destructive as well. When u taste the fun experience can give once, u'll be waiting for the next experience. And if u got carried away, u'll abandon all your current responsibilities and only looking forward for the next adventure.

On the other hand, if u exhaust all your passion on your work, u will not feel the slightest calling of the world experiences.

Yes..if u really want to be alive, you must realize these relationship between these two aspects..and try your best to play them hand in hand..unless you want to sacrifice any of pursue the other one.


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