Wednesday, August 18, 2010

everyone has got their own stand and reasons.and is just not worthy for a personal compare

Salam n selamat sejahtera everyone.
dan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa dan ibadah2 lain dalam bulan ramadhan ni.

so here I am.updating this dear blog finally.unfortunately not with something informative wow, funny haha, thoughtful hmm and blablablA
so what happens here is
I am driven to write because of the turbulence I am experiencing now.
Oh man.. one needs to keep a cool head in trying times,and most of the time I think I managed to did that well.
But this time it’s a new story,new situation new people gets involved.
Personally, I once thought about the so-called photographic memories that some of the geniuses have.

How they could recall exactly what they saw (well, they only had a moment,a short few sec glance) and then can approximately deliver back all that to the ridiculous det ails.
good stuff eh? Photographic memories. Macam tengok mende tu kan,lepas tu SNAP!scene tu simpan dalam kepala otak. Lepas tu boleh menengong2 dapat ingat2 balik exactly as the actual thing.

Geniuses and gifted people have this as far as I know, tapi potential otak boleh di gauge kan.mungkin boleh dapat dengan latihan2 berkaitan?Ape2pun, academic life boleh jadi kencang dengan such memories.boleh dngan effortlessly ingat sehelai2 mukasurat dari buku2 semua yang pernah di baca. Boleh recall sejibik2 graf itu equation ini mindmap atas blablabla.

Cuma horror kalau tengok scene yang ngeri. Eksiden dahsyat ke..(well, it’ll be helpful for the authorities..forensics..cops- sebab bole bagi detail yg KENCANG)..tapi memang akan teringat le kepale rabak tulang keluar mata penyek etc etc tu.

Lagi,kalau tengok porn pun memang lekat dalam otak. rosak2..

Agh, kalau dah menulis memang boleh carried away..nak cerita pasal turbulence yang aku alami sebenarnye,

Well, I did wish that I have a memory as powerful as photographic memories before..the thought came at times.but what I have now is not photographic..

But more to problematique videocam-like memories with a broken playback button!that will only playblack all probs.

And when I heard something disturbing, something intriguing or blablabla I will be reminded
constantly about those.should I put ‘!’? I think I should.constantly about those!ha seriyes ni series ni
And all the questions and thoughts that being thrown to me. Keeps revolving in my brain. Continuous a loop that makes my head tired..and relentless.nak demam tetibe lah.
Yes I am taking things one by one.mende boleh settle.

Well well who would guess?
I’m feeling better after I wrote all these.
Thanks for stopping by! You’re alright. Jangan ponteng puasa~


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Thanks for stopping by! you are alright.