Monday, August 5, 2013


Islam teaches its followers to always be mindful for oneself own demise.
It makes you smarter & a better person during life.

How to be reminded of death, in the correct sense?

Apart of listening to the advices and reminders from religious scholars, there's many other way to make you humbled by realizing the fact that you are mere mortal that could die anytime. thus encouraging you to do good, appreciate people and life, and makes the best of the time and things you have been granted with.

we can die anytime and anywhere..and also, any way.
there's a whole lot of ways  for a deadly incident, both common or beyond your wildest imagination. make it soft and silent or chaotic and terror.
 practically anything could lead to the end of our brief life.

anything around you could go wrong. and as it does their occurence could intercept into your life path and given the precisely right timing and placing, it could be the cause of an incident that ends your life.

while cruising on the highway in your car, the air pressure in your tyre could somehow flunctuates for your tyre to burst, and you could be sent into a surprise car could die.

while you were walking on a corridor or balcony of a 3 storey building, the hand railings that you happen to hold could unfortunately a loose one..and as you unknowingly lie a bit of your body weight there it might fall off, bringing you to a 50feet fall..that might also kill you.

while you are innocently riding your bike in the bikers lane in some highway, a careless driver or a drunk trucker could share the same highway with you and as he makes his mistake to die you might be in the near didnt see that coming and you get involved in the road accident..and you are dragged to lose your life as well.

as your a lavishly enjoy your day with good things you have..somehow the flow of blood in one of your coronary artery gone awry as there's an internal factor imbalance happening for fractions of seconds. thought its very brief, the latter leads to another mishap, and apparently your heart muscle fails to get oxygen, you get your first heart attack, and as you are not in the right situation to have one (maybe you are alone,driving)---you eventually left to die.

or you might be walking relaxed down a trail path, and suddenly a  tree fell down right towards you without any signal and hit you..u couldnt see it coming..but you can die nevertheless.

 because it's 'kun fayakun~'

 there's a whole lot of ways that could suddenly cought you tangled with it.
may we all granted with a good ending.

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