Saturday, September 14, 2013


One thing that I am increasingly aware of nowadays is about what i eat. It's neither like i am a choosy-fussy in picking up place to eat, nor a nutrition freak, it's just a clear conscience about what actually i am supplying to my body. Never before i  have to contemplate much about getting my tummy filled. It's hard to make sure the food is good in nutrition & prepared according to the compliances. Not just the hygiene, but in Islam to consume anything prepared from the hands of a cook who does not pray can have a profound effect to us. And of course the nutritional value left in the food is a major concern to me. And i started to think that maybe the most feasible way to keep all those in control is to cook by myself, at home. I never cook at home before and the kitchen is as barren as sahara. Maybe in some time soon dapur akan mula berasap..just asap..hopefully nothing catches up on fire.

After some valuable experience in management and research works, now i'm back as a grad student.
I have mixed feelings, but i'll adapt and get used to the environment. Sometimes i was like just woke up from a dream and wonder what i was doing here with all of the stuffs i'm into. Second thoughts are inevitable too. I always think about things that were at stake, and hopes that were put on men. And that makes me motivated to do well.But still i am weighing the options and any free-chasing opportunities.

My liberty as a runner took a significant setback when i picked up an injury in the left knee. It's nothing serious and life-changing, but no hopes for Personal Best (PB) attempts for the rest of the year. To push hard with the problem will just make it worse.A complete layoff is a better option, but i decided to just go on with it and tackle the distances left in a gentler way, holding myself off during the run and not to get carried away with the euphoria that kicked in as the miles adding.That way i  can still finish all the races i've set to run this year, regardless of what my timings are. For now. i can live with that..that's good enough for me. refrain from running,and i'll just walk a lil bit faster.. The root of this injury has been identified, there's an imbalance of strength and flexibility between both of my legs. My right leg seems to be better developed that the other, it is noticable from the muscular tone at first glance. So i will work them out both equally, the quads,calf,hamstrings,achilles,knees,glutes and all! and insyaAllah i'll come back stronger next year :B

The Killers are coming to Malaysia next week 22nd of September. I have some hope to see them live in the Sepang-held concert. I just want to feel the new experience and enjoy the music that i've been clinging onto since i'm 13 years young :P. The Killers really is a special band for me, it's not just their music that rocks lyrically and instrumentally, but they are one of those bands from the few nowadays that remains clean,  healthy and with good image. Anyway i still cant confirm any sign of joining the crowd that day, because i have some other things to take care of.

As indifferent,selectively ignorant,and innocently insensitive as i have always been, i am actually a dramatic and expressive person. just discovered that.

and i am constantly have thought about things that really makes one an adult..i mean the things that really put u up there on the chart as an adult that people looked up onto.


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