Friday, February 3, 2012

My Tragedy

Salam & Selamat sejahtera..

the word tragedy is often kinda misleading i think..well,actually it's grounded on how the word is used..which is often to describe tragic n dramatic sad things..

but it's not all Poetics & Philosophy,according the Aristotelian definition of tragedy; it is the moment of truth..the moment of realization..that's a very rich definition..and not all sad and weepy.
According to Aristotle, tragedy is the moment where oneself faces his true identity. Where the natural progression of events eventually come to a great punchline, that causes sudden realization..

Like in the movie Sixth Sense starred by Bruce Willis. Bruce had a hard time and struggled to help a boy that can see ghosts. Bruce was trying to find answers and help the kid when finally, boom..Bruce finds that himself is a dead man too in the first place and that's why the kid can see him.

And also like the movie Matrix..Neo spends the whole movie trying to fight the program blablabla and then booom, he realizes that he lives in a computer program.

So what's my tragedy?
Just how does my things unfold and what is the realization it brings?
i'll think i write it later..takde mood pulak nak sambung cerita ni..
peciter baru intro dah habis gas..haha..

writer's block mungkin,eh tak..ada cerita cuma nak pergi ke lain..ape2pon publish dulu wakaka.
grammar berterabur,i second to that.


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