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 wapol is one of  the bad guys from the One Piece premise..
I'm wapol

It's neither the kind of characters from recent episodes, nor one of the popular villain bosses in the fact i think i saw him in 2008 comic my lil' bro bought.

Just like luffy & chopper, wapol got some bizzare ability after he ate this one particular type of power fruit. His special power is he can be anything that he eat..literally speaking.

Wapol can eat literally anything..thus becoming anything afterwards. He can eat an arsenal of weaponries, and then parts of his body become that weapons. He can eat a house, and then his body got door and windows..and he can eat himself, and become downsized to a slim wapol. #mindfucked. i'm not going to belabor much about wapol, if u still didnt get the idea about wapol's ability then u can read the manga.

Well what wapol did was not totally absurd, at least by the principal.
We do become what we ate. In nutritions we know some food categories such as proteins and carbs and minerals and what not.
The proteins we consume ( be it in the form of meats or shakes) will translates to the protein in our mass. That chicken thigh with tender meat fibers u just choked, has now become the muscle bundle of your biceps.
things are pretty much that straightforward.
Except for cellulosic things,which will be  excreted of course.

And remember how energy flow in the food chain? the energy comes from the sun, n then carried by the vegetations, which later transfer into animals when animals ate them, and then into us after we ate these animal meats..that's more or less how we got those energy from food. the energy is packed into all those chemical bonds in the very molecules that make animals and plants.

We are indeed what we eat, we are not very much different than wapol afterall.

That's why we must have a conscience regarding what we stuff into ourselves.
High quality food carries better nutritional values than its counterparts, the less quality one. Providing the best source of building blocks for our body to develop, repair and maintain itself means a lot, and in the long run it is really a determinant for our survival and health.

Eat well and live well.
this conscience kicked into me after i am so much into these running ordeals..running means a lot more that just a hobby now. running keeps me sane..and nutritions is one of the important aspects in running wisely.

Eversince i'm committed to running,
I check the nutritional infos in the food packaging first everytime  i am buying anything.
I refrain from taking iced and canned drinks..and beverages from vending machine is a big no no now..i couldnt even remember the last time i took any sip of soft drinks either. I bring my own bottle of plain/mineral water all the time.
I avoid processed food, ecspecially meaty products..and that means no fast food to me. i rather take the fresh thing and do the processing myself, without all the preservatives and seasoning and coloring.
I start to practice healthy diet, which by my definition is: eat everything you want but in small portion, and dont skip your run :)
I started to drink milk daily and take multivitamins..there's no point of starting these only when you are 50s and beginning to feel the joint pains and what not. "rome wasnt built in a day" so does this vessel of ours.

And now i think i am healthier than before..and that affect all other aspects in my life. When you feel great, u can do great things :)

There's a more in depth understanding about these principal.
Food choice is not just barely taken by its nutritional value..
Islam teaches its people to take halal food, and avoid from the haraam things..
and in Islam, these halaal & haraam concept have a very concise guideline.

Apart from the nutritional aspects of things we eat, be wary of the halal & haraam too..because loving ourselves is the first thing to do, before we can love anything else. And taking good care of your body is really a way of loving this body,which is lend to us, only for a brief moment of time, by our Creator.

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