Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"how about- maybe i'm wrong?"

salam n greetings everyone.

if u read the title right,it should be like a monologue.u feel it somewhere inside your chest. i would like to say inside the heart or liver but those 2 organs are just some pump and filter-cum-repository.

the point is it's not supposed to feel up above in your head.like that 'eureka!' moment kind of thing.

nowadays, whenever i thought about something by myself, or when my ideas collide with others; i will always accept that "wait a sec..maybe i was wrong on this?". to put them 'on standby' at first.
the moment i started to be having this realization n spontaneous will to sideline own stands n thoughts immediately must be one of the biggest event in my life.

it all started when i saw mike rowe's video on TED. in fact i wrote an entry in this blog about that.

this opens a whole new perspective for us see things bettert..as a whole and no thing is definite. it helps me a lot  in works and my research duties and taught me not to hold on and have early contentments with any single idea or primarily happy news. and nurture openness for more thoughts n opinions too. it taught me to wait first,dont get.excited yet by anything..maybe its more than meets the eye,n brain.

it also helps me to learn about human afeelings- which is an area i increasingly came to believe i am lack understanding at. when anything ecspecially bad thing happen, it helps me to realize that anything i felt is most likely not right, and can ruled aside as good as insignificant..thus i should just forget on wanting to feel anything.

IF i am now devastated, depressed.and heartbroken. given the convincing evidences that often i am the one with the wrong emotions and all; so this must just another similar case.

thanks for stopping by!you are alright.

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Thanks for stopping by! you are alright.