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of running.

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No this is not about a korean celebrity TV show which I found can be entertaining, but hardly involve any running, or man.keh3

One of my 2013 resolution is to start running truly & consistently. And by 'truly' i mean not to take the whole ordeals of running lightly.

God willing and I managed to kickstart the whole running thing early from the final months of 2012. I even bought a book on running at the Bigbadwolf and that really catapult this whole plan forward.

When i recalled, the first month must be the most challenging part of it..The 1st milestone of the running plan was I need to be able to run non-stop for 30 min.for 30 freaking minutes! Sounds easy but that really pushed me out of my sedentary coccoon. Tried and trained deliberately using the guidance given and within a month managed to run a steady pace alternating with slow jogs for 30mins comfortably. covering only 5k or so ~.~

Now easing into my 6th month in my running life, my love affair with running grew stronger &more passionate :) of course I am still a rookie, but i believe my appreciation and love towards running has gone much much bigger than before. As I ran I met more  amazing runners and make friends with them. We share experiences, exchange tips and always encourage each other to keep the running spirit on. The running community in Malaysia is actually quite big and merry . And there's always running events here an there every month even if it's just for recreational/promotional/charity fun (ranging from 3 to 7km) or competitive (ranging from 10km to full marathon 42km). Running never sleeps here in Malaysia.

I believe people might have this perception that running is just- plain activity. Nothing to it,when you run, yeah YOU RUN and thats all about it. kids do that all the time. I used to be as naive and ignorant. But unknowingly  there's a lot more than meets the eye!

I also believe that running will not reveal it's true rewards to people who took it for granted. To the correct kind of people, the time when you put on those running shoes and hit the road could just be the happiest time of the day. Running is so simple, yet so profoundly sensational. Running sets you free and happy, just like we see how little toddlers love to run tirelessly by the beach, in the backyard, and inside the praying hall on masjids..

To share with you my newfound affection towards running would take a long time. However I would like to highlight some key aspects that I can tell about running.
  • Running Shoe: Yes running is very simple, but choosing the right running shoe for you is one thing you shouldnt take lightly. of course we can put on any shoe (even studded boots) to go & run, but those wont get you far. To run truly+prevent injury+performance-wise, we need a pair of shoes specially made for the purpose. They take care of your feet, and keeps you safe to go farther.  Nowadays sports company have running shoes as part of their products line too, and you can consult their advice on picking the right shoe for you. 
  • Foot Pronation: This is about how your 'ankle & hindfoot' glide and move each time you take a step. This phenomenon can be observed all the time including during walking motions. Running exaggerate your natural pronation as your foot receives more impact from the activity, and this could lead to injuries. there are 3 types of pronation..the Overpronation, Neutral, and Underpronation. Running shoes have been designed to meet all of these 3 pronation types, and  tries to maintain your feet to be as close to neutral pronation.  Other considerations to choose for your ideal running shoe is your weight, your foot arch, and the surface you'll frequently run.
    Left feet under each type of pronation
  •  Stretches & Workouts: It's clear that running mainly involve the lower part of the body, but the execution goes hand in hand with the upper parts of the body. Stretches and workouts are pivotal in strengthening muscles and joints that involved during running. Some of them needs to be stabilized (strength) , and others needs to be mobilized (flexibility). This ensure smooth glide & increased endurance to keep you running farther and faster.

  • Training: Training here simply means, to run - but not just mindless running, but training dictates gradual progression of activity. Training aims to get you used to the demand of running; to build your endurance & speed, as well as the technical & nutritional side of the sport. Training will prepare you better to embrace hills, to run a certain distance that you need to cope, and to finish within a certain timing. The training plan of course took a certain amount of time, like months and even years to develop a really strong runner. This kind of runner is injury-free and can run like forever because the body has adapted well to the demand of running.There's no shortcut to it, added if it lacks consistency and dedication. Even to find the ideal running form, most efficient way to breath, and proper way to stride, NEED training.

  • Nutrition: I won't belabor much on this, because it should be clear that like any other athletic activities and sports, proper nutrition gives the body all the fuel it needs to perform best. Advances in sport sciences is a blessing to sports as a whole and running in particular.
 That is pretty much what I want to share about running. You should run too! And the most important thing is to run with happiness :) So, dont ignore all of these aspects of running because it helps you to prevent the dreaded injuries which often snatch that happiness away from runners. It's preparing for the fun, as i would like to put it.

Malaysia is full with running events. My favourite online source for event updates is

Here is what's upcoming in my running schedule for 2013. *Which I legally register. Ghost runs shouldnt be counted
Come and let's run happy!

2 Feb: Melawati Run 10k
3 Mac: Brooks Half Marathon
31 mac- MAKNA Founders Run 12k (pdg merbok)
14 April- KL Road Race 10k (pdg merbok)

2 Jun- UKM Victory 15k
9 Jun- Mizuno Wave Run 16k (putrajaya)

23 Jun- Perodua Race for A Cause 15k
7 July- NTV7 Feel Good Run 15k (bandar utama)
25 Aug- Men's Health & Shape Night Run.
15 Sept- Great Eastern Run

29 Sept- SCKLM
19 Oct- BSN Putarajaya Night Marathon
20 Oct- Adidas King of the road

3Nov- 2XU Compression Run 
10Nov- Salomon X-Trail
17 Nov- Allianz Penang Bridge Marathon

1 Dec - Terry Fox Run

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