Tuesday, June 18, 2013

runners' block

On 9th of June i've participated in the 2013 Mizuno Passion Wave Run.
It was a 16km course of road race in the heart of Putrajaya. I think i've done reasonably well for my level of rookieness, clocking below 1hrs30mins and at the same time still enjoyed the race and took my time for time-outs at every water station provided. air gatorade mehh kena la layan haha.
and of course i didnt win the race..org kenya buat 55min je kot haha..but i made it in around 260s position amongst the >2000 participants in the category.

but the aftermath of the race is beyond my expectation..
immediately after i settled down after finishing the run, i felt a unneglectable discomfort in my left leg..n then it was pain. i've picked up a bad shinsplint in my left leg.

the cause is..i didnt really stretch before the race. I arrived late and it was almost flag-off..to make the condition worse, that was also around the week i started to increase my running mileage to 10km per workout..

and now it has been a week since the race, the pain subsided drastically now, i could barely walk straight a week ago . i can now walk like normal, but still i cant continue running..the pain will emerge when i try to run.

The doctors said it'll take some time to heal, eventough i'm doing all i can to speed up the recovery..wearing leg compression, icing the area of injury frequently, doing light dynamic stretches..

The 1 week period that has gone without running really builds depressions in me..furthermore i have few running events coming this time around..with scklm2013 being one of the highlight in the calendar..

non-runners might have problems understanding the emotional disturbance i am now experiencing, but that's okay...it's the same as being held back from doing what u like, one thing that is a part of you...

running has been an integral part of my hectic life,adding balance to it and become my immediate escape everyday after working hours..never before i see parks,tracks and roads so inviting..and running makes me happy.

i bring my running shoe & attire everyday to work, like i always did...
but i dont have the right conditions to run.

i am hopeful to be back on track, injury-free.

and escape forever from this runner's block.

sharing the joy of running with friends..

..before being out of place and somewhat strange like always.cant help it

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