Friday, November 13, 2009

salam n selamat sejahtera.

things that i listen to, is now here in this blog.
these are Julian Casablancas's , now going up and running as a solo musician. with this solo project. just a side project (i guess , and hope)

Jules is the frontman of The Strokes, the all time favourite band of well, me. idk,it's not all about the band actually, its the music, attitude, lyrics and maybe just me. probably.
all the time since 2002 i've found 'niche' in these kind of tunes. soo much,trying my best to get almost obsessed. not close to worship, dont worry. every tunes from them as a group or as an individual just suits me well. its the creativity in crafting tunes that catches me. good lyric makes it great. does it sounds creepy? lek2 ngahaha :D
but the fact that i cling on to these guys tunes since i was in form 1 is quite..something. i guess sometimes, there r things that just dont change, or simply cannot be changed because that's what u are.
old friends knew.
ok dah habis part tulisan biru yg aku rase self-centered .khkhkhkhk ok dah2.
people have niche (or niches) in life, which is the situation or activity specially suited to a person's interest, abilities, or nature. being in such place, people find comfort and resilience inside. and these niches might not apply as the same to others.

in terms of music, i regard this as genious too. my niche.

do you know the type of music one's listen to reflects their personality and way of thinking?

just want to share :)
andai kau lihat bulan di langit, ketahuilah, kita sdg melihat bulan yang sama...
andai kata, kau dengar lagu di blog ku ini, ketahuilah bahawa kita mendengar alunan irama yg sama..*woi pehal ko!!??*
heheh alright.

p/s: ni semua sebab somehow aku TERexcited bile kak kiera terdgr n minat lagu 'Glass'
p/s lagi: check out kolej; kalau kemas barang tu same ngan barang kemas baru la aku akan rajin start.tq


sharamli said...

dgr nasyid b0leh?

SyakieraRusli said...

"..theres a tym where we dint realy want to share d thngs we like most.."

kiddos :P


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