Thursday, November 26, 2009

feel in the blanks

is it nice to be important?
or it is important to be nice?
its nice to be both, as it lead to inspire.
but so close to be despised.

its more important to be nice, i guess than being wise.
or is it?

but nice guys finish last, and it's not only because Greenday sings that.

oh mann, i'm rambling and crooning xp
i started to feel awkward in these kind of times.
when i know that i'm not alone but i felt like it when there's nobody around. dead silence.
and i can't do anything to find them except waiting for them to come back.
and i ended up full with mixed emotions; feeling miserable and pathetic. it is rare.
so i started to think and can't stop from being a think tank full of randomness.
it is quiet,
but it is crying,
and it's a surge,
so it is burning,
and it is deep

there is a quiet crying rage burning inside you so deep.
it's the closeness that parts.
a bond that breaks.
a tie that damages.
a relationship that kills.
an affection that torture.

all these make one to think about the bond twice. the dependance is indeed proven worrying.
and all these happen when u miss people.
and the wait is beyond words.

well i guess that's why people say it isn't love, until it is a madness.

and i thought i see it coming..

i am not stressed out, i am not messed up.
i'm just saturated. saturated with blanks.
these blanks are known to be temporary though, i know
so while waiting for these blanks to be filled,
before fill in the blanks...
just feel the blanks then.

this is somehow one kind of 'sacrifice' in relationship i guess.
esok hari raya aidil adha.hayatilah erti pengorbanan. kepada Allah terutamanya.
dalami pengkisahan disebaliknya.

dan bersedia untuk deja vu setiap kali meal time for the next 1 week or two nih.
a week or two of daginggggg :D

aidil adha dgn redha

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