Thursday, May 7, 2015

Speak now

My line of work involves a lot of coding and scripting, so I should strive to better myself in the many programming languages. Essentially the general unix, Perl, python, php, java, ruby, R..etc. These are the languages of computation.
I enjoy being able to use them to solve problems..I am consistently practising them & polishing up the skills.

But I am more interested in learning languages of people than of computers. Maybe because I really have a deep appreciation towards mankind and I really believe,that people around the world are one. Languages makes us unique & tapping onto that can bridge us close together. We can share everything once we can talk & understand foreign tougue.

Well these to types of languages, are serious stuffs. They are not easy at all, to learn them is time-consuming process and pretty much occupies my full learning capacity. So I'm struggling to sustain both of them efficiently at once. Thus this dilemma. Ewah drama. But ze struggle iz realzz.

Nevertheless, now I am embarking my journey to become bilingual. I could recall some encounters with people during my travels abroad, where we were bound to achieve great things but that didn't materialize because of language barrier. Ohh such a waste..all the local juice, the stories and ambience that I can dig & absorb..

This is life-changing. I am psyched to talk  to my (our) far relatives from different land. And mind you the sign language for the deaf & mute is no less important than any other verbal language.

Speak now! (TS)

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