Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Different realms

Different realms

One thing that I can attest from my time travelling & getting involved with stuffs is - there's different realms of life out there.

While this might sound trivial and nothing new for you, you might miss to grasp the full meaning behind it. In other words, did we really appreciate the diversity?
If you embrace & celebrate others that live by the different concept than yours, then you're doing it right. If you have issues accepting other's justification of doing things & tend to act insensitive by disapproving/ridicule anything out your ordinary ways, we have some problem to fix.

People appreciate different things in life, and that shows in where everyone is willing to spend their time & wealth. Some love baking, some love photography, some love diving, some love running, some love computer games etc. There are so much more of them 'hidden' behind the curtains of general society. Each of these are specific niches, where similar-minded people share a common appreciation & when their path crosses together their mental just clicked right there.

People having different passion coupled with lack of exposure can easily be baffled & could not comprehend the practices in other niches. However one should not discourage, disapprove and ridicule how things are in other niches just because you cannot understand it yet. As long as everything abide the law and common courtesy & conscience of course. Failure to recognize this part of common sense will hurt some feelings & just shows what a twat one are.

Anecdote: Before I got involved in the hiking & distance sports (running,cycling,swimming) I knew nothing about them. Heck I didn't even realize these circles exists in the society. But as a matter of fact this citizen athletes community (common people with serious sports drive) as well many other circles of life we may not notice in our society, they not only exist but they are stable, alive and kick ass! Dedicated people will go all out to pursue depth and breadth in their passion. That's why people can commit a large sume of money & energy to buy a road bike, a comic with the artist's signature, a high quality breadmaker, an original copy of computer games, or going abroad to travel.

In its simplicity yes indeed people value things differently in life..but the only thing that we must all share together is to value this diversity. One world one loveee

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