Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Life is hard nowadays, and when one don't adapt with the right attitude it became harder. The struggle is real, the system is not holding up. People struggle to make ends meet & establish a model life. This is hardly sustainable.

So people have to resort to alternatives in diversifying sources of income. Apart grom the classic instruments of stock trading,forex, unit trust & other investment schemes..people are driven to do bussinesses.

Enterpreneurship is good. It can positively  play dynamics with the ever growing consumerism & set up more options for customers & spur healthy market competition.

BUT I see a lot of people taking shortcuts & abandon all their values by doing bussinesses that capitalize on people's ignorance & greed. Things is such because the similar MO lured them too in the 1st place.

There are too many types these dreaded movements. But what's getting on my nerves is bussiness that is sugarcoated by false scientific claims & ludicruously illogical pseudoscience. And to make things worse, there's a lot of people who are involved ought to know better because they've some scientific background that in it's simplicity- should be enough to realize. But they don't see it's for the moneyyy

Stem cell dalam bentuk ubat powder. Penapis air ajaib yg mentenagakan molekul air. Jus buah ubat semua penyakit. Besi celup air minum & sapu2 & pakai2 boleh sembuhkan semuanya. Coklat n kopi makan boleh jadi cerdik.

Jadah palotak mu.Kepala bana hang.aleutooo. bibi.

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