Saturday, May 16, 2015

I can blabber about all things. This time, the fridge.

As relaxed & laid-back as I might be, there are certain things that I take very  seriously- one of the is the fridge.

I believe the fridge is more that just an electrical appliances. It's an epitome of self-management and care, and by browsing through the contents of one's fridge we can get a pretty good guess of one's lifestyle & habit. For singles who live on their own, the fridge can be a much-seeked lifeline during dire times..provided that it is stocked well prior to that laa.

I resort to cooking and preparing my own meal, after I often left dejected with what I get from eating outside. Not only the price for an outside meal is getting less and less reasonable, but the nutritional value and preparations are questionable. I am becoming a health-conscious person since I picked up distance running, and I am concerned about the quality of food that I eat. I haven't ate fastfood nor drank softdrinks for years. And I refrain from drinking ice-cold beverages, or any sip of drinks before I finished my meal. And about the food,  it's not just about halal or not, but how it tastes and the portion and whatever nutrients left in it after the 'rigorous' cooking procedure with all the generous additives thrown in. And eating outside is boring anyway since most of the time I eat alone due to hectic schedule.

After I started preparing my own meal, I regain more control in life. I feel better. And I discover new perspectives in life as well- like learning the difference between Lengkus & Halia, Sawi,Bayam & Pakchoy, and learning the fish names. All from once-a-fortnight visit to the market.

Fridge is without doubt very important in life. Because the first step of doing anything is, DON'T STARVE.

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