Thursday, December 31, 2009


Anything to watch?
While we are waiting
For this so-called new year's eve,
What more is there to do?
...nothing.just crowds that makes you suffocate, and worry about the fate of tomorrow.

Nak testing je.
Bored. i guess we can't always find 'happiness' or 'interest' in crowds of spots people where people gather..

yet people always seek for that in such places.
and as usual-fireworks again.just like previous years.
fireworks was the catch btw.the fire worked :) well done pyrotechs..and the orchestral fountain too.
one thing about fireworks is that it proves that cliche is not always boring.

other than that, nothing exceptionally special untuk buat jadi rugi kalau x pegi. alrite its true- the atmosphere was lively, the sea of human were on the roads cheering like parades. with those flashing toys,musics and horns and snow spray etc etc .
lively but i'm not sure whether that was really counted as 'live' or 'alive'.

not to mention all the 'outside and confused entities' that became the awful sight of the night and made eyes sore to the core.

idk,maybe because my mind parted from my body.

At klcc , 11:20pm , 31dec 09
Using my phone

ANOTHER new year.alhamdulillah syukur ya Allah..

2010,bring it on.let's be friends ehehehh

how is your early new year?


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