Tuesday, December 15, 2009

melting point

the appeal is just as appealing as ever.
the heat i think hasn't got any hotter.
the demeanor is just like before.
like always.
like how it has been.

why only now i am melting?

all these time i can stay put and keep my head on my senses.stay firm ,and far from just melting.

to suddenly melt even the surrounding factors haven't gone any different means
that the melting point has decreased. and the usual heat can now -melts.

and now that i am melting from the usual appeal.
my melting point has gone to a lower threshold.

i am now weaker or something like that?

i'll take it as 'deliberately more sensitive than before' yeah more like that :D

*random thoughts*

ha ni la mendenye.
go with flow?
lek2 dah khkhkhkhkhkh


sharamli said...

0k...lek2 dah la ni..

reb@rn said...

tengAh sunyi la tu


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