Monday, December 14, 2009

kebelakangan ni makin banyak point orang2 sekeliling ntok suggest aku ntok join social network.
itu ini itu dan ini.deja vu deja vu

famous skang ni facebook la.dulu friendster, myspace, etc etc
well, i have none of those, ever. does that account me as a buta IT? oh oh i hope not le..then all the adobe skills, IT and programming knowledge (plus coding in blogging does that counts?) i acquired will be all be looked down by...sheer facebook.

bukan ape,
walaupun ak x buat, aku amek tau gak le. and i dont condemn social network2 ni.

i don't think i really want to.
i don't think i really want to do what people are really doing in social network..from what i see.

not the 'to connect ' thing. oh that's so good so cool.
but the things that most people are really into..subconsciously perhaps.
the kickstart intention is to share i guess..

spilling beans, inside out.
"together we'll sing songs and tell exaggerated stories
about the way we feel today and tonight and in the morning."

sometimes, to stay behind translucent glass is better than its counterpart (transparent).
alright i think i've made my point

oh well not a big deal though.
meanwhile i have mixed thoughts, sudden shivers down to the spine when it came to that thought and begins to act out of ordinary at times, doing my best to almost melt hahaha.



maya said...

men ym jek..hoho

muhammad arrabe' said...

setiap orang ada pendirian dan sebab tersendiri.
bagi abg, laman sosial baik jika kita mampu manfaatkannya.
seumpama pisau. ia baik bila kita guna untuk memotong sayur dll.
tapi pisau jahat, bila ia dguna untuk membunuh.

-semoga Allah merahmatimu

reb@rn said...

asaL enjOy sUdah~ :)


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