Friday, January 1, 2010


"some things are are better left unsaid"

ni ade lah 1 tajuk esei b.i yang teacher pernah bagi mase mrsm dulu-dulu.
title esei ni holiday assignment..supplementary homework je mcm biase la, lepas cuti lame kadang2 teacher lupe gak ape yg die bagi. lepas cuti terlupe, students nak ingatkan? not likely

termasukla esei ni. ramai yg x buat pon sebenarnye. so lepas cuti tu memang teacher x mintak pon esei ni....

aku ingat benda ni sampai sekarang ni, sebabnye adelah..
aku buat esei ni time cuti aritu. semangat lain macam pulak tu.
aku start buat sebelum cuti lg, lepas tu kat rumah time cuti, sambung balik.

lain punya interest sampai ak buat 3 sheet=6pages. i wrote my mind out.
ceritanya? something yg aku xboleh nak ceritakan kat sini. tapi dalam esei tu aku buat kononnya aku 3rd person yg observe the story la.

kenapa aku buat? kenapa semangat sungguh2? kenapa sekarang ingat lagi?

sebab dari masa tu aku rasa tajuk ni sesuatu yang sesuatu..something la.

memang betul jugak title ni.

dan sekarang aku rasa macam tu lagi.

some things are better left unsaid.
some things are better left undiscovered.
all because there's no guarentee that we are able to accept, take and heal from the hits.
and we are better off without it.

so now..

i just discovered something.

and the discovery damages.

now taking hits wOhoooOO~



...sarah n... said...

aiyeee....teringat pulak satu entry pendek aku.

some things are better left unsaid,no?

gitulah lebih kurang..

cuma lebih sikit part no tu je.

safri@chaie said...

adeyh.. aku pon teringat lecturer ada ckp pasal bahaya plumbum dalam cat umah yg da oldskool..

some things are better left untouched..


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