Friday, April 3, 2009


salam n slamat sejahtera.

have u heard about motivators saying that stressed is just desserts??

i have.

it's just another kind of motivator talks to encourage people.
surprisingly simple,
they just read the words backwards..
stressed >><< desserts


"if you are stressed , just remember that it is just desserts!"
" and exam is just a piece of cake!"

exam could be a piece of cake if we are well-prepared.
ok that's acceptable.


nice try motivator.pewit2.
but stressed tastes nothing like desserts.

its not.

its soo not!
tipooo tipooooo~

if there is such thing i bet it is the worst desserts in the whole wide world.




there ain't much time for blogging for leisure right now.
(supposed to be that way just simply bcoz; there ain't much time left!)

final exams is coming, soon.

and after that thats it for the 1st year at UKM.

now students are preparing for the exams.
early preparation can prevent stress.
(cakap dgn nada gaya UKM)

so ciao,
gotta go.

goodluck y'all!

goodluck bioinformatics ukm!
21/4 - GenChem 2
28/4 - BioCell
30/4 - c++
02/5 - khdmt msyrkt
04/5 - microbiology


Anonymous said...

caiyok roy!

...sarah n... said...

this is why i really hate motivator and counselor.

pandai putar belitkan fakta.


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