Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book ≥ movie adaptation

I'm not a truly harcore reader (like some person I know) but I advocate reading, and  I do read a respectable number of books..more that average people. To top that, I don't pursue what's on the latest screening list- in fact I rarely go to the movies.

This time around (and 2016 to be particular) there's a lot more movies coming out that were adaptations from book franchise, be it comic books or fictional series. The buzz it created amongst book follower and movie goer alike is acknowledged. And the reviews are mixed between

However I personally feel if there is a need to compare between books and the movie version, the former for sure trumps the latter.

Books are superior because it's a brain candy, it plays with imagination in so many ways. The crafty and witty wordplay will of course give your brain corpus some substance to process, to work with, and for your fuzzy imagination to materialize, visualize. To romanticize. It's both magical and mysterious how assembling meaning of phrases following with picturing event sequences- can be helplessly addictive! Be it Four Shades of Grey, or Robert Langdon Series, or 1984. Imagination - sky's the limit. It's the drug.

Well while movie adaptations, mostly it's eye candy. The first utmost important things is whether it stays true to source material or not. If yes, then the greatness is on par with the book form but if it violates and tainted the original franchise, then it's fucked up. Things like this happen very often in countless examples. It mess up the story. However I believe movies just go for the visual stimulations and dramatize stories, and nowadays..sexualize things. Boobies..boobies everywhere. Racks up money without correct sense of appreciation to the legacy.

So read books. If you wan't to experience and feel the story. And watch movies, for fun maybe.

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