Sunday, April 3, 2016


1st of April every year has become the most fuzzy moment for me. It's my birthday, and for mysterious reasons the universe decided to throw a surprise cocktail of shits to me..everytime.

Well it's true all this time I've grown to learn that one should never put much hope & expectation on others to avoid dissappointment & frustation. But on this very day a special occasion, somewhere deep down inside me there's actually this small thought that today- it's birthday, fairly good things might happen :)

Nope. unexpected incidents that challenges my faith towards life will  happen one by one. I got all this people giving pretty convincing illusions for me to false-hope for. The cruellest tease. And I allow myself to fall for that and end up dejected..What was I thinking? 😝
Affections & appreciations are for the deserving only it's a privelege that were earned, not an entitlement.

This year, people on facebook wished me "have a blast birthday weekend!" since1st of April falls on a Friday this year. However, it turned to be a very...depressing weekend, because of my fault- I expected any good things to happen, from people.

Birthday continue to serve as a stark reminder to me of how everything can go straight up shitty. And if things like this can all pile up into a day like your birthday, what do you think might haloen for other normal days? The biggest april fool joke is to me.

Please don't do this to me universe..I can feel I'm losing my faith in humanity and turning colder. I dont want to become that kind of person.

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