Sunday, March 27, 2016

One world

I always get the impression that I'm a little bit different from my peers in terms of persona and of how we appear to socialize & interact & process things around us. But that's normal -just like how every person is unique and different from one another. Well that's what I thought.

Until just recently I repeatedly get spontaneous honest-natured remarks on several completely unpeculiar occasions.. that somehow made me alarmed about something. A friend said "..we are happy too when we see u happy now in your own world." and another just lightly joked with our new acquitance "You don't know him (me) yet but once you do you'll get it why I'm saying he's on different level..higher. Normal if you can't understand him- he's a philosopher..another world. Ha-ha "

All these stuffs made me review life. In my own world? In another level? What's that supposed to mean?
I was oblivious about being seen as anything that...alien. When people openly declare something like that it kinda implies that they've somewhat find your life unrelatable with they 'deserted', 'abandoned' and 'disconnected' you and your world because they can't relate with it. That's...too horrifying to imagine.

All this time I believe any differences were just common, things to embrace. To each their own. And I would like to continue believing so.

I don't want to be in another world or level from everyone.

It's is lonely there.

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