Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hold back

"Clear conscience, reasoning & willpower can only do so much, before the hormones regain control & take charge"
I used to blog about this phrase, now I'm gonna again.

It's true.
Humans are complex creatures, but through advances in health sciences we are able to understand more on how the body works- physiologically & cognitive/emotionally.
And hormones is one of the means of coordination & response in our body. It brings about changes in our physique & behaviour. There's hormones linked with metabolic processes & for perceived senses, and humane desires. Leptin & ghrelin, testosteron & oestrogen, adrenalin, etc.

When factored in, hormones dictates how we respond to stimulis..pretty much.
But often humans seem to defy the obvious influence of hormones. Like during the display of tenacity & perseverance. During holding back & self-control. During the moment when reasoning intercepts emotions or desires. Is there a molecular mechanism or pathway for this counter-effect upon hormonal factors? I'm still trying to figure out & find references about this...

Because hormonal secretions are physiological elements. They are carried via blood streams to subsequent target organs, where the receptors pick them to induce signalling cascade & some changes downstream. Suppressions ( acts of consciously halting/stalling) of the respond that should entail a hormone will eventually affect the chemical balance..which is not very healthy innit? (I think).

It's challenging to dissolve desires that hormones brought about, but it seemed to be possible (to an extent). So it's interesting to understand how.
Ah, just some random thinking during this strange times I'm having. Strange timesss.
Holding back.

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