Wednesday, February 3, 2010

click click hahaha


just want to share
ni testing2 mukadimah.
semester ni ade ambik PB photography, n now that i get my hands on this big bulky thing, i can't wait to start doing magic :D
mainan buat sem ni ni
oh dslr hahaha :)
saje2 je. nak acquire new skills. tgh belajar2 la ni pon. prospek menarik ni.

"a picture says a 1000 words" right?

nanti aku letak lg gambar2 okay.
eh nak jadi photoblog plak ke?
hm why not?hahaha

harap tunjuk ajar~


Alynn Notnot said...

jelesh! dah ade dslr~

Anonymous said...

ape dslr

~roslinda~ said...

nak tukar k0s lah cmnih~
amek photography~wuuu
xyah wat lab rep0rt segala~huu
eh2...dah beli dslr ke??
maw gak!!

Ery Farieha said...

dslr sape ko rembat?

Judiene said...

ni sume guna dslr ke weyh?
org kaya baru skrg

aini said...

comment sket..

best x pb photography tu?
wanna take it for the next sem~


anyway,nice pic...

keep learning!

iylia said...

ehemm,,a picture worth a thousand words la bang..
sori,,xde niat untok mengusik,,hanye sekadar saling mengimprove proverbs..teheee(bru bace update teheee..hohoho)


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