Sunday, September 27, 2009

.ya maha.

woih para pemilik LC sekalian tgok iklan ni ha

kalo kat indon namenye Jupiter MX ropenye..aku pon baru tau ni.

gempak tu..valentino rossi tu masuk iklan jd heroin disamping hero (moto) tuh.
sporting habes gak si Rossi nih..juare dunia pon hahaha.

tp still italiano accent ade.part hujung tu pon mcm lain je posture heh :p

well, this makes me continue to wander,

nape la most international sport talents yg ade awesome athletic ability and winning attitude ni kan bile berlakon jadi mcm stok2 tunggul blake?


Judiene said...

nk tnyo neh
hok logo YM kt blog mg tuh, mg amek manow ehh??
hok lau kto on9 dio tubik kaler oren tuh..
aku cari tp xjupo pown

lokman@keme said...

ni ak pon blaja dlm intenet
cr under keyword pasal display ym status on blog etc..
keyword ni trial&error la eh cari2 ado tutorial intenet ni


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