Friday, September 4, 2009

bring your popcorn and enjoy the show! :)

oh mannn
*slalu kalau dgr mende2 alkisah cerita2 msti tumpuan payah nak full sampai abes woh. tapi yg ni...bole tahannNN
*tertakluk kpd terma dan syarat
hah amek ni wat obat topup mood hepy2 tu ha
nmpak gaye banyak org pikir pasal masalah sangat musim2 ni nih
musim ape?eksplen len kali.
hahaha k behold..

at the end of the day,

starring: baby munkey, spooky tghees ,witch
special effects: magic bertalu-talu sangat2 talu2
pelakon tambahan: keghokodiles, tigher , ghosts, bats n gighaffe
lagak ngeri oleh: 'popotamus'(?) dan lion.
penampilan istimewa : bad bad nasty mammoth with claws

muke berkerut sbb nak tangkap ke,
muke blur sbb x paham ke,
muke sentap sbb klakar ke,
muka sengih sorg2 sbb adorable ke,
muke lapar sbb pose?

" how do you say when you protect yourself ? "


B.E.R.Y.S said...

comelnyerr baby nie..bijak berkata2!!

Anonymous said...

comel giler nak mampuih!!!!
full stop.

Alinotnot :) said...

pandai dye reka cite.
chicken-BOX, mammoth laaaa....
die in heaven~~

fatimah raihan said...

the hippo want to kill himself, so the lion killed him instead... then they went to heaven... but the hippo doesnt want to go there... but its TOO LATE!!!...

her story MAKE MORE SENSE to me than my physic experiment!!! hahahhaha

best2!!.. share agi please!!!!

SyakieraRusli said...

je sous tout a fait daccord.yes,she so adorable..boley menang story stelling nih huhu..u go baby heart u.tu aimes le baby revoir e' a biento :)

lokman@keme said...

kak kiera~

hahaha mmg brilliant kid mcm ni adorable betol :) thanx for enjoying this.hope this will make u smile hahaha (ni gelak bukan smile)


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