Monday, September 7, 2009


Whether you're 'drunk' or 'stoned'
or we're sober and old,
If I'm with you I'm a happy man.
if you feel safe and cold
while you count your gold.
if your problem is you can't find
your remote control.
still my favorite person in this whole wide world
is the woman who can
understand every word
and when she speaks to me
she makes me see the whole world
as my favorite place

whether you take it slow
or you let me go
whether you tell me something
that i did not know
whether you're neat and polite
or you scream and fight
whether you keep something from me
that i wouldn't like
still my favorite attitude
in this world so far
is the friendly spirit
of the iron-hearted
like the way folks are in
this most special place
i dont care what happens

i will never leave

jengjengjeng hahaha

mood poetic pelikpelik


safri@chaie said...

ko tujukan kat sape tu keme???

aini said...


die punye gf la kot~


Anonymous said...

ayah dah jumpe ibu ke???
bl nk knlkan ayah???
nak ibu..nak ibu...

sharamli said...

t0k i ke ni?

Anonymous said...

she suit wth u.

Alinotnot :) said...

abg wat sndr eh poem ni.

Judiene said...

ape ni keme?
ko bermonolog ke?
cm syg sgt nk tgglkn someone tuh


Anonymous said...

doesn't she know u love her?

walkerwalker said...

well this one right here
sweet yet cool!!

fatimah raihan said...

absolute gorgeous!...
very true and its like u give ur heart to it....
never knew u could rite stuff lyk this tbh...tee heee
lyk a hallmark card!!
u can give it to ur mom, ur grandmas, ur aunts, ur teachers, and yes that special sumone as well..thumbs up!

Suhaimi Muaz Yaid (Jutawan Muda) said...


lokman@keme said...

if I'm with you I'm a happy man... :)

Anonymous said...

if I'm with you I'm a happy girl...:)

lokman@keme said...

thanks I guess...whoever u r.

about the questions about to whom this post is dedicated to,

bole jd banyak,boleh jd sikit

boleh jadi universal,setiap phrase bears a different meaning from one to another.thus each refers to different people..boleh:)

tp semua2 meet the "if I'm with u I'm a happy man" for sure :)

...sarah n... said...

this must have something to do with that pink keychain of yours.

aku dah agak dah. dah agak dahhhh!!

*sambil angguk angguk kepala tanda konfiden gilalahhh!

lokman@keme said...

dah stop angguk2 sarah..bukan la..dh salah tu.

*sambil geleng2 kepala*

lek-lek dah.


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