Tuesday, May 19, 2009

.gunung stong terbaek ouh!.

aku baru balik dr xpdc gunung stong woo.3 ari pegi.
peh full throttle la jugak.
program student2 geologi 3rd year..
banyak aku nak crite nih..nnt ak update.

roger n out.konon penat ouh.


1st komen said...

sempat aje die..
cepat post entry baru..
xsabar nak tau pasal gunung stong..

Anonymous said...

pegi sorang2..
x ajak pon...

sharamli said...

membe akak p0n g jgk dek....hik3.

pasni kinabalu lak..nk j0in?

RoSe (^.^) said...

mcm best je..cte la nanti ye.. :)

lokman@keme said...

nnt2 nak collect2 gamba dlu baru best menge'post' dlm blog nih.thanx sbb nak tau sbb ak nak cite nih nnt,,hehehe

kak sharamli,wah bole jugak nak g kinabalu..nnt nk kne wat marketing ntok sponsor sndri la dlu..heh3.
ke ad nak blanje dah?


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