Friday, February 13, 2009

alone together

i just thought about it
when i listened to a song from (once again!) the strokes.

....alone together....

nevermind the lyrics..its the title dat baffled me.

alone together
yeah u r alone..when u hav something that makes u feel alone (people olwez say they're sooo alone i donno whyyy)

n then another loner came ,n says he/she is also alone.
then it is called alone together.

hey but when u hav someone with u, u r anything but alone.
u r not alone..coz u hav a companion..even if ur companion said he/she is also alone juz like u r.
but both of u actually can't say that u r alone anymore..coz u r not , given that u have another person with u..altough that person is alone
but hey that person also cant say he/she is alone ,coz he/she have you..

literally to be alone together could be real..but hey its seems impossible actually.
so all u people stop saying that u r alone..or alone together..coz u r not alone n u r not alone..
nobody is alone coz there's so many people around us..families friends.

when u thinks u r alone...its just u (n ur feelings,n emo also).. better snap out of it.

now u r confused n i am its confuse together.

haha no offense people coz i'm just baffled.MySpace

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