Monday, August 24, 2015

When I'm hungry I write things

We know that the happy hormone is Serotonin & the sex hormone is Estrogen/Testosteron. Well the hunger hormones- are Leptin & Gherlin. These two are responsible for those craving thoughts & the hollowness feeling inside tummy come meal time.

The dynamics of Leptin & Gherlin is fairly intricate just like metabolic pathways ought to be. But essentially they regulate energy balance in our body. When energy is limiting, Gherlin is secreted more & causes brain to 'instruct' corresponding effectors to fix the problem, this 'instructions'; manifest as the famishness we so thoroughly feel. Contrary goes to Leptin, its secretion give rise to the fullness felt after a meal. Just like vehicles have beeps and blinks to signal that fuel is running low in the tank, hunger is the way our body tells us its substrate reserve is depleting. And prompts actions to replenish energy level.

This is one striking example of how chemicals in body system influence our feelings. We don't think hunger out, we just feel it in its simplicity and just spontaneously set to find food. But actually it's all biology. Every feeling is due to some biochemistry events happening inside us. With strong influence to the brain where all mental activities including feelings comes from.

But how this 'influence' works? 

How strong?

Come to think about this, what is the dynamics between 'Willpower' and the natural order of systemic regulation? We presumably have the ability to hold back rattling desires (the willpower), and if hormones dictates our feelings how does this type of counterintuitive strength come in play? And how long can we deliberately & consciously stall these hormone-inflicted urges before the these chemicals regains control to satiate whatever in need? What happen in the process? 

This may appear trivial with hunger as example (what's the fuss just eat), but the question compounds all aspects brought about by endocrine system and the brain;- the hormonous thoughts: carnal lust, gluttony, aggravation, agitation etc. When I try to factor in elements different feelings might as well have different drill.  What actually happen when one perseveres & endure (a.k.a willpower) againts the things felt? (a.k.a the brain calling). These feelings can sometimes come spasmodically forceful you know so it's real challenge.

So I'm gonna stop there before I confused myself. However I'm affirmative that the answer lies in neurocience-behavioral science realm, understanding more about them can shed light to these curiosities.

I am compelled to write about this in the first place because I am hungry...again! I feel hungry too soon nowadays it's almost unreal. I'm very suspicious of current appetite, wonder what happens with my Leptin & Ghrelin.
And to eat more means more decision-making; which tires me out! I justify every meal I want to take (taste, nutrition, digestion, how it affects my activities schedule, and the cost of course). Because you can't just simply eat anything anytime riteee (?)

I read somewhere that sleep pattern & stress can also cause Gherlin to be oversecreted thus the ridiculous giant appetite. Oh well.

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