Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Reflection: Training

Running. I can talk about this all day & bore non-runners out.
Because as straightforward as the sport might seems (lace up & go), there's a lot more than meets the eye. One of them, is the training part.

I used to take training rather haplessly in its many aspects. Of course I still have a lot to learn now but as I become more mature I can see past mistakes...those irrational abuse to my body damnn. Undertraining & overtraining...then I wondered why I got injured lol. Shinsplints, ITBS, tibial stress fracture, patellafemoral syndrome, I had it all. I was high in spirits to run but low in knowledge of the sports, perfectly poised to crash and burn.

Training was hard, it still is and always will be. But it is important because for mere mortal,recreational runner with odd time schedule like me training holds the key to how enjoyable running can be. Training demands discipline, hardwork and understanding our own body. It is really blood sweat & tears, in training you subject your body to stresses and trick your mind to keep whatever thoughts to stop/slow at bay until you're finished with it.You use nutritions & rest to recover and repeat the physical strain again. I train mostly by myself at my own device so this compounds the challenge.
Occasionally when the time permits I train with fellow running friends & the togetherness really boost my morale to go farther.

When training alone, it's way more drama in the head. I think the first move is the hardest. To get my ass off from the bed/couch and drag my body outside to nearby park/track/trail and start running. To make it happen, I often draw strength & inspiration from the more experienced athletes and try to emulate their dedication. These things psyche myself up giving a sense of "we are on the same page *bumpfist*" you know :P

Quite recently I found a short video by Billy Yang, an enthuasiastic ultrarunner with talents in videography who'd produced some of the greatest video account on races & other running-related stuffs. Check out his Youtube channel.
Well this one video titled 'My Time' struck so much relevancy to me and motivates me to get my ass outside every morning. The words are so properly put, it shakes off any laziness and procrastinations felt.

I'm already psyched up to run thinking of this!

Now to emulate this diligency to reading alquran congregational prayers etc as well.

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