Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reflection: money trail

Every night when I got back home after a day, I will reflect back about how my money was spent.

As I put them keys, phone whatever in my pockets on the coffee table, come the wallet I will recall back every movement of money for the day. What I did with them. Trace & record with receipts.

The good and the bad purchases. The well-justified and the poor choices. The rightfully deserved and the unnecessary losses. The satisfaction and the regrets. I will reglect them all.

My heart feels sorry inside everytime I mistreat my hard-earned monetary resources in the way of poor impulsive unsatisfactory decision making.
Perks of being  analytical & critical.

Then I will vow to spend better the next day. To make sure nothing goes to waste. Meaning better decisions.

Now to apply this habit to reflect deeds & actions as well.

"Depreciation of MYR really affects travel plans"

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