Thursday, April 2, 2015

Terbaik dari diri kita

Come to think about it,

I will choose 'uniqueness' over acceptance,

Indeed it's a thorny path but the inner solace and peace is irreplacable.

Only likewise people or people with open mind can understand and get along.

So now I am in high spirits continue to do what I want to do. Learn swimming, take diving license, learn spanish, learn sign language, grow a full beard, run better, travel deeper..just to name a few. Because why not?

Ah much things to learn and explore! :)

I will strive to be the best version of myself..My way. It's actually an indirect benefit to friends too, to have a particularly different friend amongst all other group of friends. This is biodiversity...instead of alienating, we better learn from the diversity.

Adventurous and street-smart intelligence are two rare commodities nowadays in human resource..most just want nothing but stability and security in life. The process is very invasive and exhaustive to one's soul, and it is very easy to fall victims to the rat race then you lose yourself. We are humans not rats (except Master Splinter), we don't have to abandon all the dreams..

"If it's not now, then when?"

Security and stability has also become the standard traits in looking for partners, add other traits with preference.

But validation from other humans can only mean as much as the void in your soul that itches to be filled. If you are confident of your virtues and qualities, human acceptance can be supplementary..

I have envisages of myself in the future, what kind of person that I will be.

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