Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Now that I've finished all the analysis part of the work, I must report them in a concise piece of academic literature called...thesis and journals. And to do them is part of a reseacher's/scientists' life.

I got the idea and motivation behind all this. A scientific work no matter how big or small the yield, is nothing until it is being reported and published. This is one of the culture in the community that keep pushing and expanding the frontier of science. We want to share our discoveries to the world..this is how we left a mark..this nurture healthy competition, and as much as it (writing) is a technical affair, there also so much art and expression being put into a good piece. It is writing, conveying thoughts to texts.

I should really put my heart and soul into this right now..exhaust myself to complete this writing part..and get this done with. I dont hate writing, in fact I'm writing things all the time..take this blog post as example. I write countless notes and jolt down the catch from everyday encounters into my phone.
But i freezes up whenever I try to write thesis and sci publications.

This is substantially a lot of work, and time consuming. But instead of doing then i read books that I havent finished reading, taking coursera courses about all randon stuffs that I found interesting, learn spanish, pick up guitar lessons and writing blog posts.


Alina Noor said...

You're learning Spanish now Abg Lokman? Kudos for you, I'm currently learning Dutch. Sambung PhD/Master ke? Sorry been a while since I know about your progress(es). And I hope, really hope, that you still remember me!

lokman.keme said...

Heyy alin ofkos masih ingat..haha. Ape kabar? Am doing Masters now, and keeping myself busy (read:distracted) with other stuffs mcm blajar spanish.

Alina Noor said...

Am good, you know, same ol' same ol'. Sambung dkt mana? I completed my MSc last year also in UKM didn't take long because I took the coursework route, needed something different than lab courses. Oh trust me, I procrastinated a lot more than anybody should.

Right now I'm waiting for my paperwork to be processed, submitted them in Brussels, and even attended a Dutch interview (had to do essay and interact in Dutch with the interviewer, and also logic tests). I was offered to skip a grade, but I will only enrol after my paperwork received an OK from the authorities there.

lokman.keme said...

Dekat UKM jugak alin. Ambik research and attach dekat research facility yang bukan ukm..so memang takde di ukm. Congrats sebab MSc checked & Good luck for the
Brussels & Dutch!


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