Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some clever stuffs I read this week

Japanese r undisputedly famous for having healthy & fair complexion that glows. I can concur on that from my observations of my annual Japan visit. Recently I was made aware of an interesting facial care product from the land of rising sun that come with claims to be the secret for Japanese beautiful skin- called the Black Paint soap. Well it's not actually soapy & foamy, it's organic mineral-rich mud that hails from Kyoto volcanoes. And it's black, and just melts when wet. Not actually a beautiful sight having that lump of mushy dark blob oozing out of your palm, but the idea of how the product work is very amazing. First, we have microorganisms living symbiotically with us called microbiomes, and on our skin- there's skin microbiome. Contrary to the popular practice that scrutinize skin microbiome & washing it all away alongside skin impurities with foamy detergents during 'facial cleansing', Black Soap somewhat 'celebrates' microbiome. The fact that it's not soapy is due to absence of any detergent at all. This product set consists of several item meant to be used in succession, but all in all it moisturizes the skin, pull out the impurities and feed the good microbiomes to prosper. The microbiome will take care of your skin, managing the excess sebum and keep the epidermis healthy. This concept is very cool, as man of Science that work in bioinformatics & have had some exposure with microbiome research , I dig.

Do you like eggs? I like eggs. It turns out that the best part on a egg is the thin membraneous film just underneath the eggshell. Often not included in egg after cooking, only retained with hard boiling. But peeled off from hard boiled eggs & discarded anyways. This thin layer is a to-date a non-allergen unlike the egg proteins to some, plus it stores a wealth of therapeutic factors for mobility to be precise. It is high in collagens ,growth factors related to joint care health & so much more. The membrane is the first food chicks will eat once they hatch to sustain them in the critical hours following, so yeah it's a superfood liddat. Well I guess the best way to eat eggs is by hard boiling 'em then. However that's a lot of eggs to eat daily if you were to get this eggcelent benefit in enough dose your joints, about 24 of them! Which will drive your cholestrol level off the roof! Luckily you don't have to, because a pharma company (Biova LLG) has come up with a supplement that concentrated the 24 eggs worth of egg membrane goodness into a single capsule.

Cooking is way better than eating raw. Not only it kills harmful bacterias, Body is able to absorb up to 90% more nutrition from well cooked food compared to when it's raw. And the advent of cooking methods, a subsequent from the discovery of fire, is believed to be the single major drive for human evolution.  Cooking is a turning point that allows primitive counterparts to access & harness the goodness from foods like proteins & carbs, which serve the body better as fuel & building blocks. This leads to the doubling up of brain size & and increase in species potency as a whole. Human race is driven forward by eating well cooked food! So knowing this all, eating sushi or rare steaks is not so great afterall, merely just tastebud-appealing hype.

Patagonia™ & The North Face™ became even more dear to me after I learnt their unorthodox approach in wilderness business. The fact that both the founders are best friends since their young & wild days makes it even cooler. Both companies believes in sustainable practice & prioritize conservation of the environment unlike any other. They instill this philosophy in their product lines and encourage smarter consumerism habit to protect nature I dig!

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