Monday, September 28, 2015

I ramble about my trip to the infirmary

Today I made a rare visit to the clinic to check on my back pain. Been having this nagging discomfort at the lower back since last Thursday where I might overexerted myself lifting around them damn heavy beef thighs (cow legs?) during Qurban. This is really alarming as  scklm is just around the corner..less than a week to go!

Thankfully the Doctor said that what it's a muscular issue, nothings skeletal. Well that must be SOME muscles pull there, because my whole core area aches. I feared for the worse to be honest, like a slip disc or something.  Anyway now entering taper period, I'll do my best to recover.

But before I managed to see the Doctor I've waited for 2.5 hours. I actually missed to notice when my name was first called to the Doctor's room then being oblivious, I patiently continued to wait for my name to be called. I guess reading a book while waiting didn't help, sure it gets you preoccupied through the wait but it can cave you in 'the zone'. To my defense, with all the background noises of people chatting & babies crying, anyone can miss the calling (yeah right).

The Doctor I consulted wore surgical face mask. Well the practice is justifiable, patients bring along their germs & what not so the mask can lessen risks of  airborne contraction. But masks hide a lot more, including emotions. I could not really piece together the full message of  words uttered behind a mask. You see, facial expression gives out a lot. Smiles, smirks, poutings, chuckles, etc.. all those give out signals too. In Japan where most people on the streets wear masks - not just for health reasons but also as a social statement that means 'Not interested in conversation don't talk to me'.

After I am assured that my back pain is attributed to minor tight muscles, on my way back I dropped by at the masjid to solat..and have a go with Ogawa sofa they have there. I don't use this reflexology sofas often, but wow mann I think his one have their power meter turned on full. I almost died in agony under the crushing force of those solid protrusions & knobs rolling on my back. I think it can crush my skull too. Anyway reflexology sofas' sizing should consider the different body frames people have. Because if one cannot sit properly on them then it defeats the purpose of getting proper contact of massage. I always sink in a bit too much in these things.


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