Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I went to the movies & I'm gonna write about it

I went to the movies couple of days ago to watch Inside Out and boy that was my second time going in five years maybe? I'm not a cinema person tbh. But I want to write about Inside Out that inspired the rare visit.

This animation is about Riley and the 'feelings' inside her head literally five of them characterized rightfully so- Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. The mind of Riley is depicted as a realm where there's place called Headquarters tower where the five feelings reside & work their thing, a vast distant land with life experience libraries, personality islands, etc and all these places have 'workers' keeping things in order. So the viewers will be taken through the events in Riley's physical life and how her memories & moods are brought about by the actions (or rather, reactions) of these 5 feelings in the aforementioned mental places. In short; it's about what happens inside when Riley feels something.

There were few bits in the story that I found particularly extra-interesting. The concepts of control pad in the Headquarters, the core memories that shape Personality Islands, the Imagination Park & forgotten imaginary friend, the Thought Train, the libraries of permanent subconscious memories and how they were curated. For me the whole premise of this story goes beyond entertainment, it has some serious knowledge content. There's psychological & biological feeling to it which compounds the appeal. This movie has got some depth.

I can talk so much about what this movie means to me, it's just a matter of pick and choose. Right after the trailer clip came to my attention weeks ago I've immediately identifed myself to the theme of the movie & set my eyes to watch it. It rang all the bells in me since the subject about  emotions-chemistry connection caught my interest for quite some time already & I've also blogged my thoughts about this recently.

The animation is smooth & Riley's adorable & the feelings quintet are fun to watch & the plot is good. Plus I've gained some perspective from this movie. I like it :)

4/5 star.

"Whether we realize it or not, all of our feelings actually take care of us"

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