Thursday, March 26, 2015

What if..

There are many types of pain exist in this world..the nature & intensity differ hence the suffering too. I don't know all of them, but I am sure one of those that occupy top of the list is the pain of being misunderstood.

To be fair, everyone experience this however it can get pretty rough when u got misunderstood ridiculously often,almost all the time.

If this happens, first it might be you that holds key to the problem. Failure to deliver the message through during communication will surely give a wrong understanding to the other party. But also very common, is that people are so easy to assume and quickly produce judgements from very weak grasp of the matter or even worse,non-existent efforts to do so.

In my case, getting misunderstood is almost my middle name if I can put it that way. While I do have problems in manifesting my true form,making myself laid bare for all to comprehend; people around me are also very aggressive in jumping into conclusions.

Their problem is that they don't yet understand that I have a lot people,special people,to music & arts,to nature,to talents, to ideas & academia, to the world and universe! Utmost love to all the things I treasure in life. I express all of them whenever I get the chance..that's why I appear to involve and do what I did..if I mention the word 'love', then for them it's none other than about my dreaded romance tale. It doesn't feel nice when you are trying to show love & keep being referred & reminded to that one y'know..
Honestly speaking, I'm all grateful with the romance that I've experienced even it was short lived..quoting the lyrics if Senorita from one of my favourite bollywood film 'Zindegi na Milagi Doobara', "Even a short moment of love is never too less!" :) so I will forever rejoice it.

But what if...having a lot of love for all the true problem?

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