Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Moments & stories

Stories died quickly when shared with people who just don't have the right kind of appreciation. Nothing sour on them that is just people being diverse. But appreciation dictates pretty much how things develop and unfold.
Often we share stories with people who couldn't care less. It's bad & sad for the story and spirit of connecting too. So it's always better to share it with a more appreciative resonating bunch, for that allows stories to develop & grow with no limits.
But you should appreciate your own story first. Only by submitting yourself to the moment you can capture its essence. Be present in the present, ride the high-or whatever people calls it. That's how stories with depth are born, stories that are so profound it takes you back when you rejoice it every now and then.
Then whether you share it or not afterwards it's up to you. Truth to be told, in the end of the day it is all about individual experience & gain.
So sharing/updating real-time via SNS can be  unhealthy in this sense, because moments are compromised when you are distracted out of them. Most of the time people lose attention by turning to their smartphone instead- checking likes and entertaining comments on posts about their still-ongoing 'moment'.
For me, I refrain from updating anything real time unless it's emergency related because I don't want to miss the moment. Plus I refain from posting anything fun I did at all (travel photos etc) to the general public to see because people tend to judge, and to be honest they don't care what u do. So I immortalized those moments and pictures into photobooks. These are the things that will be lying on my coffee table for years ahead, to spark conversation with my guests over a cuppa, and for my grandchild to see when the time comes.
Anyhow, just IMHO. You only live once. Carpe diem!

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