Friday, March 13, 2015

Ada moteppp

Hmm it's easy to write on personal things here nowadays, as compared to years back..maybe because there's a lot more drama these days :P or perhaps this blog has now become the best refuge I have since there aint much human interaction going on. Not that I have a lot of friends at the first place but to be frank after graduation all of those I had was pretty much gone.
So this blog space is where I come for solace.

While I will continue to put my life dramas and current state of mind/thoughts into words here for future reminisence (read:entertainment) hey I got a lot more to share..things that are more interesting. Things like travelling. (Plus it's not good to spill too much personal beans.)

I've picked up the travelling bug approximately a year ago (February 2014, travelled alone to Bangkok during the crisis). In the span of one year, I've travelled to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia (twice), and Japan (twice)..Most of them are runcation trips (motivated by running events, extended trips were arranged around it). And most of them were solo yeah the depth of experience could be a nice story material.

Traveling solo is some sort of redemptive to myself. For me it's completely selfish. I'm out there  for all selfish reasons. I don't care if nobody ever knows where I went. It's a competely cathartic thing trodding the path.

When I started travelling solo it was purely out of enjoyment. But now it serves as a learning tool, I need the adventure backpacking solo gave prepare myself for my destiny. I have been made to realize that there's a high chance for me to spend all my life..well,by myself. Since long ago I fall in this somewhat 'weirdo' category,and along the way I have experienced more convincing incidents. The climax must be when close friends think I am so weird that they decided to discourage her away from me 'for her own sake'. Well, actually she herself taught I'm weird I believe..because nothing can shake oneself without consent. She's the most kind person on earth, and she always see good even in all the people that have made her cry, she loves animal so much, yet she couldn't see anything inside me that can be loved. It was like a one-shot social experiment & she's the epitome of love, so the outcome is very decisive,most likely no one else can love me. I must be really messed up walaoweii. It's okay, whatever it takes for her happiness coz thats what she deserves. Plus they are majority, their collective opinions must have some truth to it. Anyhow I'm calmer now,and have decided to face the fact. Felt kinda doomed to know early on that u might have to soldier on this life alone really, but I'll try anyways.I am lacking in certain emotions that made me less I travel to learn from people and maybe that will restore myself. 
Van gogh pon sama.."for they could not loved you, but still your love was trueee~." This happens.
Back to travel stories. So I will write some of them here..maybe it will catch the attention from the people who resonates and have the right appreciation, for it to exert some benefits and become helpful of course.

Travel solo dok main ambik gamba sendiri pesen ni je la..gamba tangan,pastu kaki..nak selfie xreti..nak suruh stranger ambikkan gamba bukan selalu berjaya.wakaka

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