Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i have a blog.saya ada blog.saya jugak ada writer's block.

sebab sekarang ni mcm selective & banyak songeh dalam nak wat entry.
cuba taknak picisan2 & weightless.
ade banyak nak cite sbnanye..
pasal burung kookabura..
sex tapes (jeng3)..
traffic light..
well,things that have some weight.

hmm..taking a glimpse back into the past..
it's amazing how fast we can contradict ourselves.

entry dulu2 macam mane..lepas tu macamane..sekarang macamane.
ohhh ade 'feel'..nostalgic..
i dont know why i am so easy to feel toward something.
even the gerai pagi tepi kat tepi jalan (yg bagi rase feeling2 mcm childhood sarapan bekal nasik lemak macam tu) & reunion dengan kopi premix kapal api setelah brape tahun x jumpe (terkenang zaman2 kt mrsm sbb ni fevret)
pon boleh buat rase something..soft spot on these thing (erk..penggunaan soft spot mcm fetish pulak!) tp maksudnya ade feel la..even at the simplest of thing.

oh and i adore maria elena *tibajah.
orait that's all.writer's block pon menulis jugak secoet..haizzzzz


mizzbutterfly said...

aceh...aceh..adore maria elena...ehhehe

lokman.keme said...

haha..maria elena klaka..
tgk vid die 'KO karaoke' ngan yang lip sync 'kiss me thru the phone'


ApizMabux said...

nice blog, followed


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