Monday, March 14, 2011

of boxes and coccoons

salam & selamat sejahtera rakan2 di blogsphere..
agak lama tak menulis disini, bukan busy mana pun..tak..bukan.
busy2 pun mcm semua org biase je..lite2 je..xdelah busy sampai macam (isteri) perdana menteri..
bukan tak ade benda nak ditulis..banyak pemikiran yang nak di share cuma tak tertulis.

of boxes and coccoons.
kotak dan kepompong.
ade kata-kata dlm bahasa melayu yg berbunyi
'keluar dari kepompong' dan 'diluar kotak' , atau bahasa inggeris nya
'out of the box' dan 'out of the coccoon'.

think out of the box.berfikir di luar kotak. getting out of the coccoon of poverty.keluar dari kepompong kemiskinan.
kedua2 istilah ni selalu digunakan utk menggambarkan mobiliti dari satu keadaan kpd satu keadaan yang nampaknye lebih baik. kotak pemikiran jumud lah, kepompong kemiskinan,kotak inferior complex,kepompong zon selesa..
so people are trying to get out of the boxes and cocoons. in attempt to break free from the feeling of 'in captivation' and 'bounded'.
even a new so-called inspiring motivational saying emerge,"getting out of the box is not enough, just smash the box.and you'll be free!"

orang dambakan kebolehan utk keluar dari kotak dan kepompong ni.which has starting to become problematic..and give rise to myriad examples of liberalism.and sparks for secularism..

not all the box should be smashed. not every box is supposed to be opened and then get out of it.and not every coccoons you should break free (it's not alwats like that in butterfly case).
this is simply because the fact of why the boxes and coccoons to protect.yes, protect.
do you know that any predator,say birds, won't instinctly eat the catepillar as usual when it is inside the coccoon?
and the existence of the box is to protect,to hide whatever that is inside the box from whatever that might damages that something outside.
both box and coccoon are meant to contain,to protect,to cover,to preserve..
to confine.

bila orang terlampau inginkan utk keluar dari kotak dan terus2an begitu,mereka jadi seronok & rakus utk keluar.mereka telah pun keluar dari kod2 kehidupan yang berfungsi sebagai 'kotak' yang menjaga dan melindungi empati dan norma2 lain dlm komuniti. kebebasan,liberalisasi,sekularisasi..dah semakin meluas atas nama 'keluar dari kotak' budaya dan kod moral...
keluar dari kotak pemikiran,keluar dari kotak tindakan..they smash both box..yag sifat keduanya adalah..untuk melindungi..

faiths & beliefs,rules,ethics,moral code,norms,customs and culture..the are all boxes..
it's alright to get out of the box to know and make a good use of what's around long as you keep them close..dont lost track of it..

-because i am a conservatist.

and i do think out of your box. thanks for stopping by! you're alright.

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