Tuesday, April 12, 2011

of public figure, and go figure!

public figure:

i dont know whether people realize it the same way as i do.or not.
but i'm am disturbed by how the way 'public figures' present themselves nowadays.
i'm not talking about all those spoilt politicians, or celebrities, or other personas (that somehow regarded as a public figure, deserving or not).

i want to talk about closer subjects.these people that holds the status as 'public figure' close to us.--------- the student reps. the student leaders. seniors of a hierarchial-oriented system.anything that makes a persona being looked up upon.

when we are in a position as a leader, as an example to others, as a public figure. Shouldnt we confine our weaknesses, wild emotions? and show our strong points and composure..all these things are (vividly) reflected in all of our doings and routines. how we write..the FB stats..tweets..and all sort of that.

it is quite irritating and mind-bugging for me to see my peers that has become public figures around me, become so indifferent about all these key things. When they're fighting for the position, they said so much..promises,in style and charisma. and when they're in charge, the still become the 'typical generation-Y' as usual..as always.I guess a leopard can't change his/her spots..BUT THESE PEOPLE ARENT ANY DAMN LEOPARDS =.= (bukan emo saje emphasize)

as a public figure that have been entrusted with big responsibilities and portfolios, you must know, that you ought to keep yourself close with the character. dont habitually poke fun at almost everything you talk as usual..you shouldnt show you personal emotions (read: luahan emosi remaja) so badly (and ridiculously often). think more..show some wisdom,and act with one..
ini tidak...
yang jiwang tetap menebarkan kejiwangan kepada yg anonymous.
yang senyap, senyaapppp je jugak..
yang minat movie ke wayang ke..tetappp jugak update pasal citer2 baru saje..
yang suka main game...tetappp jugak naik2 request farmville la ape la..penoh dengan tu saje.

pernah tgk spiderman x?
" With Great Power comes Big Responsibility) bak kata Uncle Sam.
because of ur position as public figure, ur up high there,everybody sees you.
u r the centre of the attention.
there's a lot of high hopes from down below.you want this job didn't you? well you couldnt answer 'No'..it's kinda non-reversible.you must do it til the end anyhow..

alter-reply: "tapi hipokrit la macam tu.berpura2 bukan diri sendiri. bagi i we should be our true self, jangan bermuka2.."

my reply: "WAK LUUUuuuuuuuu~~~~~~"
abes tu ang nak jadi mcamana? ang kena sedaq, yang ang tu dah jadi ikon..amanah ang dah terima oi..so kena la bawak elok2..
kena jaga perilaku sebab ang kena bagi contoh yang baik.jangan la cakap hipokrit plak nanti..adoi la..ang kena berubah jadi baik sebab ang nak lead.kena earn respect sume civilians (pergh civilian!) ni...

this is the price that u pay.

(this is not a back seat criticism..thanks for stopping by! :)


Epalblast ♥ said...

boleh jadi sir BI aku la ko neh

lokman.keme said...

hmm menarik jugak untuk distory kan tu..kenape asal orang laki kalau dia ngajar english dapat panggilan "sir"

"sir" ni sexist.laki je..dah le sir sebenarnya pangkat yang ala2 title 'dato' kalau kat barat kan..
teacher x sexist..boleh pakai dua2 laki dgn perempuan..



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