Sunday, April 25, 2010

gene expression

haha gempar dunia blog ade entry tajuk GENE EXPRESSION. awwwhh truck!

a fast entry.flash of thought.

i came to a point of thought where i think one of the reason (could be subconsciously) for a person to choose his/her partner because of gene expression motive.
they want to increase the possibility for their child to inherit the character/trait/quality that their partner have (and bear its gene somewhere in the genome)

the quality of interest could be good looks,hidung mancung ke,pouty lips ke,fair skin ke.that's phenotypically.
kualiti2 lain mcm admirable athletic ability ke,suara merdu ke,pandai berkata2 ke..
dan mungkin jugak peribadi sama..baik hati ke,akhlak mulia ke,inteligence too.

wish these quality will also be in their marry the partner who have these ciri-ciri,and ade la probability ntok these ciri-ciri will be expressed too in the hasil homologous recombination.iaitu anak.
by chance la.

everyone wants a good child.define good.

gene feeling2 parental skali dlm kes ni.

this is just a thought.this might be true,just mungkin ade cara lain orang cakap pasal benda ni.
okay dah.bai

err..i think i should explain what gene expression is aite?

i wish i have made my point here :9


ika honey bunny said...

ceyh! ingatkan ade soklan bocor paper gene expression sok. haha

lokman.keme said...

kalo ade kan best.
ika all d best!

OREOO said...

oreoo kembali..
lembu masih ada,hujan dah takda..
skarang musim kemarau :P

xminat sgt bab nih..
lam bio,plg minat bab repro..
sbb sgt menakjubkan..haha

lokman.keme said...

oreoo welcome2 :D

...sarah n... said...

hahahaha. tension baca gene le ni..


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