Saturday, May 3, 2014

lifehack: seeing beyond the illusionment

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Here I would like to share about a lifehack (or rather, a self-taught survival tricks) that I think have helped me through a lot and gave me a lil' peace of mind whenever it requires. And if you think this is beneficial then you might as well take anything good out of this.

The hack is a state of mind. I think it is somewhat in line with what Simon Sinek have preached throughout the years in his inspiring talks about the 'Why-How-What" thinking in creating inspiring movements like Steve Jobs' Apple. The core idea is similar.

When I was younger I've always relied on people so much- as a company. I really need friends to join me doing most of everyday's stuff. Whether they join me or I joins them, it's the same because the bottomline is to have company. I'm not in any means become pushy in asking for company, but I really better get into one.Because if not, I'd rather delay/postponed the will to do the task to a later time.

While that's normal to people who are naturally a lovable person whom friends just flocks and willingly sticks around, things would be a lil' bit shaky for the ones who are less naturally lovable. Plus, when time comes for real friends to depart ways and pursue their own life, the void left before new friends were made; can be somewhat terrorizing. You'll basically be left to go through many common things (if not everything) but now by yourself.
This is where weakness in the mind can take its toll on oneself. The mere experience of having to do sociable-stuff (like eating outside, & making a holiday trip) alone can be quite a challenge and if one cannot adapt to the new situation- which is unfortunate- can render a person non-functional and dull.

The essence behind any activities is the objective behind it.The purpose of doing. This core reason is often gets juiced up with many other 'accessories' that decorates the central motive, which then makes the whole experience of doing it better and fun.

Take eating for example. If we want to go out and eat, what will we do?
We will try to gather up some friends to join along and lepak2 makan sama2.
That's great and fun, but what if it's already meal time and you can't find any available friends to go out with? Most of us will just wait further until someone's free to hang out with.If no one's free, most people will just skip the meal time and just eat the next meal time. hat's the reason behind that?

We eat because we want to give nourishment for our body. We feed ourselves with good food to fuel up ourselves to make sure everythings' inside went on in the best condition.
To acknowledge this central motive behind why we go out eating is crucial, because if not you'll easily get disillusioned with many other 'decorations' that always come with the experience.

We go out eating most importantly to fill our tummy, and friends is not a must. We have the obligation to fulfill our body's need for glycogen stock-up, and our friends don't have anything attached to that. To have company and lepak2 makan ramai2 is a bonus. But by realizing this true fact, you don't have to wait for everyone's free time to eat. Just eat. For the sake of your body. Alone or not is not important.

Humans are a social animals. We want to move and do everything in our packs. We have the ability to do everything individually, but we feel the necessity to have someone together in the process as well. If not, there's no 'spark'. It's programmed in our mammalian genes. But we are blessed with sanity and intelligence. We can push through the mental barrier, and trick our mind to adapt with situation.

If you want a company the next time you have to go out and eat alone, there's cat under the table that wants a piece of whatever in your plate. I always take them cats as a company, like I am eating with them so do share don't be stingy. The cats are kind enough to come and sit next to you so give 'em something to eat too and not just bones.

Or you can go to the pasar malam and buy your food there. And eat whilst walking around the pasar malam, seeing stuffs. Eating while taking a stroll around pasar malam feels like everyone's there to accompany you eating.

In a nutshell, use mental games to trick your mind and rise above the dilemma. All dilemma. Once you can dictate the true reason you do stuffs, there's no problem to go through it by your own.

Thanks for stopping by, you're alright.

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